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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Accurate quantification of transcriptome from RNA-Seq data by effective length normalization / S Lee; Chae Hwa Seo; B Lim; Jin Ok Yang; Jeongsu Oh; M Kim; ByungUk Lee; C Kang; Sanghyuk Lee , 2011  
2 Bioinformatics resources of the Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) / ByungUk Lee; In-Sun Chu; Namshin Kim; Jin Hyuk Lee; Seon-Young Kim; W K Kim; Sanghyuk Lee , 2010
3 Discovery of ALK-PTPN3 gene fusion from human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line using next generation RNA sequencing / Y Jung; P Kim; J Keum; S N Kim; Y S Choi; I G Do; J Lee; S J Choi; S Kim; J E Lee; J Kim; Sanghyuk Lee , Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer, 51(6): 590-597 , 2012
4 The effect of thiobarbituric acid on tyrosinase: inhibition kinetics and computational simulation / S J Yin; Y X Si; Z J Wang; S F Wang; Sangho Oh; Sanghyuk Lee; S M Sim; J M Yang; G Y Qian; Jin Hyuk Lee; Y D Park , 2011
5 GoBean: a Java GUI application for visual exploration of GO term enrichments / Sanghyuk Lee; J Y Cha; H Kim; U Yu , 2012
6 A high-dimensional, deep-sequencing study of lung adenocarcinoma in female never-smokers / Sang Cheol Kim; Y Jung; jinah Park; S Cho; Chaehwa Seo; J Kim; P Kim; J Park; Jihae Seo; Jiwoong Kim; Seongjin Park; Insu Jang; Namshin Kim; Jin Ok Yang; ByungUk Lee; K Rho; J Keum; J Lee; J Han; S Kang; S Bae; S J Choi; S Kim; J E Lee; W Kim; Sanghyuk Lee , 2013  
7 hiPathDB: a human-integrated pathway database with facile visualization / Namhee Yu; Jihae Seo; Kyoohyoung Rho; Yeongjun Jang; Jinah Park; W K Kim; Sanghyuk Lee , 2012  
8 A hybrid modeling strategy using Nuclear Overhauser Effect data with contact information / T R Kim; Sunyoung Ji; Sanghyuk Lee; In-Sun Chu; S Shin; Jinhyuk Lee , 2012
9 miRGator v2.0 : an integrated system for functional investigation of microRNAs / S Cho; Y Jun; S Lee; H S Choi; S Jung; Y Jang; C Park; S Kim; Sanghyuk Lee; W Kim , 2011  
10 miRGator v3.0: a microRNA portal for deep sequencing, expression profiling and mRNA targeting / S Cho; Insu Jang; Y Jun; S Yoon; M Ko; Y Kwon; I Choi; H Chang; D Ryu; Byungwook Lee; V N Kim; W Kim; Sanghyuk Lee , 2013  
11 Mixed-type inhibition of tyrosinase from agaricus bisporus by terephthalic acid: Computational simulations and kinetics / S J Yin; Y X Si; Y F Chen; G Y Qian; Z R Lu; S Oh; J Lee; Sanghyuk Lee; J M Yang; D Y Lee; Y D Park , 2011
12 p53 and mMicroRNA-34 are suppressors of canonical Wnt signaling / N H Kim; H S Kim; N G Kim; I Lee; H S Choi; X Y Li; S E Kang; S Y Cha; J K Ryu; J M Na; C Park; K Kim; Sanghyuk Lee; B M Gumbiner; J I Yook; S J Weiss , 2011
13 A simplified homology-model builder toward highly protein-like structures: An inspection of restraining potentials / T R Kim; Sangho Oh; Joshua Sungwoo Yang; Sanghyuk Lee; S Shin; Jinhyuk Lee , 2012
14 STAP refinement of the NMR database: a database of 2405 refined solution NMR structures / Joshua Yang; Jihan Kim; Sang Ho Oh; Gukjeong Han; Sanghyuk Lee; Jinhyuk Lee , 2012  
15 VnD: a structure-centric database of disease-related SNPs and drugs / Jin Ok Yang; Sang Ho Oh; Kun Hwan Go; Sung Jin Park; W Y Kim; ByungUk Lee; Sanghyuk Lee , 2011  


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