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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Bioinformatics study of functional associations observed in multiple sources of human genome data / Seungwoo Hwang; I B Kuznetsov , 2007
2 Characterization of distinct cyanohabs-related modules in microbial recurrent association network / Seong Jun Chun; Y Cui; C S Lee; A Ra Cho; K Baek; A Choi; So Ra Ko; Hyung Gwan Lee; Seungwoo Hwang; Hee-Mock Oh; Chi-Yong Ahn , 2019
3 Comparison and evaluation of pathway-level aggregation methods of gene expression data / Seungwoo Hwang , 2012  
4 Dysregulated expression of proteins associated with ER stress, autophagy and apoptosis in tissues from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease / S Lee; S Kim; Seungwoo Hwang; N J Cherrington; D Y Ryu , 2017  
5 The endogenous siRNA pathway in Drosophila impacts stress resistance and lifespan by regulating metabolic homeostasis / D H Lim; C T Oh; L Lee; J S Hong; S H Noh; Seungwoo Hwang; S Kim; S J Han; Y S Lee , 2011
6 Expression of microRNAs in horse plasma and their characteristic nucleotide composition / S Lee; Seungwoo Hwang; H J Yu; D Oh; Y J Choi; M C Kim; Y Kim; D Y Ryu , 2016  
7 Gene expression pattern in transmitochondrial cytoplasmic hybrid cells harboring type 2 diabetes-associated mitochondrial DNA haplogroups / Seungwoo Hwang; S H Kwak; J Bhak; H S Kang; Y R Lee; B K Koo; K S Park; H K Lee; Y M Cho , 2011  
8 Genome-wide identification of palmitate-regulated immediate early genes and target genes in pancreatic beta-cells reveals a central role of NF-κB / H J Choi; Seungwoo Hwang; S H Lee; Y R Lee; J Shin; K S Park; Y M Cho , 2012
9 Idiopathic hypereosinophilia is clonal disorder? : clonality identified by targeted sequencing / J S Lee; H Seo; K Im; S N Park; S M Kim; E K Lee; J A Kim; J H Lee; S Kwon; M Kim; I Koh; Seungwoo Hwang; H W Park; H R Kang; K S Park; J H Kim; D S Lee , 2017  
10 Increased expression of interferon signaling genes in the bone marrow microenvironment of myelodysplastic syndromes / M Kim; Seungwoo Hwang; Kiejung Park; S Y Kim; Y K Lee; D S Lee , 2015  
11 Liverome: a curated database of liver cancer-related gene signatures with self-contained context information / Lang Ho Lee; K Wang; G Li; Z Xie; Y Wang; J Xu; S Sun; D Pocalyko; J Bhak; C Kim; K H Lee; Jang Yeo-jin; Young Il Yeom; Hyang Sook Yoo; Seungwoo Hwang , 2011  
12 Long-term stability and integrity of plasmid-based DNA data storage / H P Nguyen; Jeho Park; Seon Joo Park; Chang-Soo Lee; Seungwoo Hwang; Yong Beom Shin; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim , 2018  
13 Low dose exposure to Di-2-ethylhexylphthalate in juvenile rats alters the expression of genes related with thyroid hormone regulation / M Kim; J S Jeong; H Kim; Seungwoo Hwang; I H Park; B C Lee; S I Yoon; S H Jee; K T Nam; K M Lim , 2018
14 MetaBaase : the wiki-database of biological databases / D M Bolser; P Y Chibon; N Palopoli; S Gong; D Jacob; V D D Angel; D Swan; S Bassi; V Gonzalez; P Suravajhala; Seungwoo Hwang; P Romano; R Edwards; B Bishop; J Eargle; T Shtatland; N J Provart; D Clements; D P Renfro; D Bhak; J Bhak , 2012  
15 Microarray analysis of Drosophila dicer-2 mutants reveals potential regulation of mitochondrial metabolism by endogenous siRNAs / D H Lim; L Lee; C T Oh; N H Kim; Seungwoo Hwang; S J Han; Y S Lee , 2013
16 On-chip fluorescence switching system for constructing a rewritable random access data storage device / H H Nguyen; Jeho Park; Seungwoo Hwang; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee; Yong Beom Shin; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim , 2018  
17 Peeling back the evolutionary layers of molecular mechanisms responsive to exercise-stress in the skeletal muscle of the racing horse / H Kim; T Lee; W Park; J W Lee; J Kim; B Y Lee; H Ahn; S Moon; S Cho; K T Do; H S Kim; H K Lee; C K Lee; H S Kong; Y M Yang; J Park; H M Kim; M C Kim; Seungwoo Hwang; J Bhak; D Burt; K D Park; B W Cho , 2013
18 Short-term differential adaptation to anaerobic stress via genomic mutations by Escherichia coli strains K-12 and B lacking alcohol dehydrogenase / Hyun Ju Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; Seungwoo Hwang; Mooseung Lee; Y J Lee; D W Lee; Sang Jun Lee , 2014  
19 The tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes / Y S Cho; L Hu; H Hou; H Lee; J Xu; S Kwon; S Oh; H M Kim; S Jho; S Kim; Y A Shin; B C Kim; H Kim; C U Kim; S J Luo; Seungwoo Hwang; J Ko; C B Kim; D Bayarlkhagva; W K Paek; S J Kim; S J O Brien; J Wang; J Bhak , 2013
20 Variation block-based genomics method for crop plants / Y H Kim; H M Park; T Y Hwang; S K Lee; M S Choi; S Jho; Seungwoo Hwang; H M Kim; D Lee; B C Kim; C P Hong; Y S Cho; H Kim; K H Jeong; M J Seo; H T Yun; S L Kim; Y U Kwon; W H Kim; H K Chun; S J Lim; Y A Shin; I Y Choi; Y S Kim; H S Yoon; S H Lee; S Lee , 2014  


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