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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Anti-inflammatory flavonoids from root bark of Broussonetia papyrifera in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells / Hyung Won Ryu; Mi Hyeon Park; Ok-Kyoung Kwon; Doo-Young Kim; Jung-Yeon Hwang; Yang Hee Jo; Kyung Seop Ahn; B Y Hwang; Sei-Ryang Oh , 2019
2 Bioactivities of Korean Ginkgo(Ginkgo biloba L.) extract and its potential as a natural pesticide / Hyang Burm Lee; Oh Sung Kwon; H N Kim; M K Kim; Chang-Jin Kim , 2003
3 Construction of a database for new bioactive compounds and development of search systems / Kie Jung Park; Yong Ha Park , 1996
4 Determination of bioactive compounds in fermented soybean products using GC/MS and further investigation of correlation of their bioactivities / C Chai; H K Ju; Sang Cheol Kim; J H Park; J Lim; S W Kwon; J Lee , 2012
5 Effect of dietary bioactive compounds and biopolymer encapsulated lipids on metabolism of lipids in high fat diet-fed mice / H Y Yu; Seung Jae Lee; S Y Lee; S K Lee; S J Hur , 2017
6 High-value materials from microalgae / Hee Mock Oh; Ae-Ran Choi; Tae Ick Mheen , 2003
7 Human acyl-CoA: Cholesterol acyltransferase (hACAT) inhibitory activities of triterpenoids from roots of Glycine max (L.) Merr. / J H Lee; Young Bae Ryu; B W Lee; J H Kim; Woo Song Lee; Y D Park; Tae Sook Jeong; K H Park , 2008
8 A rich source of potential bioactive compounds with anticancer activities by Catharanthus roseus cambium meristematic stem cell cultures / So Hyun Moon; M Pandurangan; D H Kim; J Venkatesh; R V Patel; B M Mistry , 2018
9 Screening of bioactive materials from freshwater microalgae / Wan-Seok Lee; Ae-Ran Choi; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hyuncheol Oh; Jong Seog Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2004
10 Screening of antagonistic actinomycetes for potato scab control and isolation of antibiotic compound / Hyang Burm Lee; Jong Wun Cho; C H Lim; Chang-Jin Kim , 2004
11 Two new botcinin derivatives encountered in the studies of secondary metabolites from the marine-derived fungus Botryotinia sp. SF-5275 / M Y Kim; J H Sohn; Jae-Hyuk Jang; Jong Seog Ahn; H Oh , 2012


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