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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 BACE1 inhibition by genistein: biological evaluation, kinetic analysis, and molecular docking simulation / K Youn; J H Park; S Lee; Jinhyuk Lee; E Y Yun; W S Jeong; M Jun , 2018
2 Biological evaluation and in silico docking study of γ-linolenic acid as a potential BACE1 inhibitor / K Youn; Jinhyuk Lee; E Y Yun; C T Ho; M V Karwe; W S Jeong; M Jun , 2014
3 Discovery of polymethoxyflavones from black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) as potential β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitors / K Youn; Jinhyuk Lee; C T Ho; M Jun , 2016
4 Expression analysis of human beta-secretase in transgenic tomato fruits / Hyun Soon Kim; J W Youm; Ki Beom Moon; Jang Ho Ha; Y H Kim; Hyouk Joung; Jae Heung Jeon , 2012
5 High-level expression of a human β-site APP cleaving enzyme in transgenic tobacco chloroplasts and its immunogenicity in mice / JungWon Youm; Jae Heung Jeon; H Kim; Sung Ran Min; M S Kim; Hyouk Joung; Won Joong Jeong; Hyun Soon Kim , 2010
6 The identification of biochanin a as a potent and selective β-site app-cleaving enzyme 1 (Bace1) inhibitor / K Youn; J H Park; Jinhyuk Lee; W S Jeong; C T Ho; M Jun , 2016  
7 Isolation of cholinesterase and beta-secretase 1 inhibiting compounds from Lycopodiella cernua / V T Nguyen; D C To; M H Tran; Oh Sang Ho; J A Kim; M Y Ali; M H Woo; J S Choi; B S Min , 2015
8 Polymethoxyflavones: novel β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitors from citrus peels / K Youn; Y Yu; Jinhyuk Lee; W S Jeong; C T Ho; M Jun , 2017  


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