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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Design of a binding scaffold based on variable lymphocyte receptors of jawless vertebrates by module engineering / S C Lee; K Park; J Han; J J Lee; H J Kim; S Hong; W Heu; Yu Jung Kim; J S Ha; Seung Goo Lee; H K Cheong; Y H Jeon; D Kim; H S Kim , 2012
2 Generation of catalytic protein particles in Escherichia coli cells using the cellulose-binding domain from Cellulomonas fimi as a fusion partner / Su Lim Choi; Sang Jun Lee; J S Ha; Jae Jun Song; Y H Rhee; Seung Goo Lee , 2011
3 Inducible biosynthetic nanoscaffolds as recruitment platforms for detecting molecular target interactions inside living cells / S Lee; J S Ha; Seung Goo Lee; T K Kim , 2012
4 NMDA (n-mehtyl-d-aspartate) change expression level of transcription factors (Egr-1, c-jun, Junb, Fosb) mRMA in the cerebellum tissue of Balb/c mouse / J S Ha; Jae Wha Kim; J C Song , 2015
5 A portable FRET analyzer for rapid detection of sugar content / Haseong Kim; H S Kim; J S Ha; Seung Goo Lee , 2015
6 Quantitative analyses of individual sugars in mixture using FRET-based biosensors / J S Ha; Jongsik Gam; Su-Lim Choi; K H Oh; H S Ro; Jae Jun Song; C S Shin; Seung Goo Lee , 2012
7 Small-molecule-based nanoassemblies as inducible nanoprobes for monitoring dynamic molecular interactions inside live cells / S Lee; K H Lee; J S Ha; Seung Goo Lee; T K Kim , 2011


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