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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Alpha-glucosidase folding during urea denaturation: enzyme kinetics and computational prediction / Z Q Wu; J Wang; Z R Lu; H M Tang; D Park; Sang Ho Oh; J Bhak; L Shi; Y D Park; F Zou , 2010
2 Association of tumor necrosis factor polymorphisms with asthma and serum total IgE / H D Shin; B L Park; L H Kim; J H Jung; H J Wang; Young Joo Kim; H S Park; S J Hong; B W Choi; D J Kim; C S Park , 2004
3 Clinical utility of alpha fetoprotein and HCCR-1, alone or in combination, in patients with chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma / P Jirun; G Zhang; H K Kim; S A Ha; J Zhongtian; Q Shishi; C Zhuqingqing; G Lei; J Yoo; S Kim; Y G Park; J Wang; Y Yang; Z Xu; Z Huang; Y K Lee; Eun Young Song; J E Kim , 2011  
4 Combined analysis of AFP and HCCR-1 as an useful serological marker for small hepatocellular carcinoma: A prospective cohort study / G Zhang; S A Ha; H K Kim; J Yoo; S Kim; Y S Lee; S Y Hur; Y W Kim; T E Kim; Y G Park; J Wang; Y Yang; Z Xu; Eun Young Song; Z Huang; P Jirun; J Zhongtian; Q Shishi; C Zhuqingqing; G Lei; J W Kim , 2012  
5 Computational prediction of protein-protein interactions of human tyrosinase / S F Wang; Sangho Oh; Y X Si; Z J Wang; H Y Han; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012  
6 The effect of thiobarbituric acid on tyrosinase: inhibition kinetics and computational simulation / S J Yin; Y X Si; Z J Wang; S F Wang; Sangho Oh; Sanghyuk Lee; S M Sim; J M Yang; G Y Qian; Jin Hyuk Lee; Y D Park , 2011
7 The effect of trifluoroethanol on tyrosinase activity and conformation: Inhibition kinetics and computational simulations / Z R Lu; L Shi; J Wang; Dae Ui Park; Jong Hwa Park; J M Yang; Y D Park; H W Zhou; F Zou , 2010
8 The effect of fucoidan on tyrosinase: computational molecular dynamics integrating inhibition kinetics / Z J Wang; Y X Si; Sangho Oh; J M Yang; S J Yin; Y D Park; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012
9 The effect of validamycin A on tyrosinase: Inhibition kinetics and computational simulation / Z J Wang; S Ji; Y X Si; J M Yang; G Y Qian; Jinhyuk Lee; S J Yin , 2013
10 Effects of osmolytes on arginine kinase from Euphausia superba: a study on thermal denaturation and aggregation / N Y Fang; Jinhyuk Lee; S J Yin; W Wang; Z J Wang; J M Yang; G Y Qian; Y X Si; Y D Park , 2014
11 The expression of estrogen receptors in hepatocellular carcinoma in Korean patients / A G Wang; K Y Lee; S Y Kim; J Y Choi; K H Lee; W H Kim; H J Wang; J M Kim; M G Park; Young Il Yeom; Nam-Soon Kim; Dae Yeul Yu; Dong Seok Lee , 2006
12 A folding study of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) alkaline phosphatase using denaturants / Z J Wang; Jinhyuk Lee; Y X Si; W Wang; J M Yang; S J Yin; G Y Qian; Y D Park , 2014
13 An integrated study of tyrosinase inhibition by rutin: progress using a computational simulation / Y X Si; S J Yin; Sang Ho Oh; Z J Wang; S Ye; J M Yang; Y D Park; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012
14 Integration of inhibition kinetics and molecular dynamics simulations to determine the effects of Zn2+ on acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 / Y Xu; Jinhyuk Lee; Z R Lu; J J Wang; X X Wang; L Yan; H M Zhou; Y D Park; Q Zhang; J M Yang , 2015
15 Prognostic significance of catalase expression and its regulatory effects on hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) in HBV-related advanced hepatocellular carcinomas / M Y Cho; J Y Cheong; W Lim; S Jo; Y Lee; H J Wang; Kyou Hoon Han; H Cho , 2014  
16 The tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes / Y S Cho; L Hu; H Hou; H Lee; J Xu; S Kwon; S Oh; H M Kim; S Jho; S Kim; Y A Shin; B C Kim; H Kim; C U Kim; S J Luo; Seungwoo Hwang; J Ko; C B Kim; D Bayarlkhagva; W K Paek; S J Kim; S J O Brien; J Wang; J Bhak , 2013
17 TIS21 negatively regulates hepatocarcinogenesis by disruption of cyclin B1-Forkhead box M1 regulation loop / T J Park; J Y Kim; S P Oh; S Y Kang; B W Kim; H J Wang; K Y Song; Hyoung-Chin Kim; I K Lim , 2008
18 Toward the inhibitory effect of acetylsalicylic acid on tyrosinase: Integrating kinetics studies and computational simulations / Z J Wang; Jinhyuk Lee; Y X Si; Sang Ho Oh; J M Yang; D Shen; G Y Qian; S J Yin , 2013


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