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1 Correlations between transmembrane 4 L6 family member 5 (TM4SF5), CD151, and CD63 in liver fibrotic phenotypes and hepatic migration and invasive capacities / M Kang; J Ryu; D Lee; M S Lee; H J Kim; S H Nam; H E Song; J Choi; G H Lee; T Y Kim; H Lee; Sang Jick Kim; S K Ye; Semi Kim; J W Lee , 2014  
2 Discovery of soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors from natural products / G H Lee; Soo Jin Oh; S Y Lee; J Y Lee; J Y Ma; Y H Kim; S K Kim , 2014
3 Effect of BI-1 on insulin resistance through regulation of CYP2E1 / G H Lee; Kyoung Jin Oh; H R Kim; H S Han; H Y Lee; K G Park; Ki Hoan Nam; S H Koo; H J Chae , 2016  
4 KR33426, [2-(2,5-dichlorophenyl)-5-methyloxazol-4yl]carbonylguanidine, is a novel compound to be effective on mouse systemic lupus erythematosus / G H Lee; J M Oh; H S Kim; Woon Kee Yoon; K Y Yi; Y Yang; S H Han; S Lee; E Y Moon , 2011
5 Platycodin D inhibits osteoclastogenesis by repressing the NFATc1 and MAPK signaling pathway / J H Choi; Y Han; Y A Kim; S W Jin; G H Lee; H M Jeong; Hyun Sun Lee; Y C Chung; Y C Lee; E J Kim; K Y Lee; H G Jeong , 2017
6 Protein kinase C stimulates human B cell activating factor gene expression through reactive oxygen species-dependent c-Fos in THP-1 pro-monocytic cells / G H Lee; M H Lee; Yeo Dae Yoon; Jong Soon Kang; S Pyo; E Y Moon , 2012
7 Regulation of glycogen synthase kinase-3 by thymosin beta-4 is associated with gastric cancer cell migration / Y K Ryu; Y S Lee; G H Lee; K S Song; Yong Sung Kim; E Y Moon , 2012
8 Sphingomonas parvus sp. nov. isolated from a ginseng-cultivated soil / J H Ahn; Byoung Chan Kim; S J Kim; G H Lee; J Song; S W Kwon; H Y Weon , 2015
9 Stimulatory effects of platycodin D on osteoblast differentiation / Y Han; S W Jin; G H Lee; J H Choi; Hyun Sun Lee; Y C Chung; H G Jeong; K Y Lee , 2019
10 Viability of Lactobacillus plantarum encapsulated with poly-γ-glutamic acid produced by Bacillus sp. SJ-10 during freeze-drying and in an in vitro gastrointestinal model / W J Jang; S Y Choi; Jong Min Lee; G H Lee; M T Hasan; I S Kong , 2019


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