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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 The CCR4-NOT complex is implicated in the viability of aneuploid yeasts / Y Tange; A Kurabayashi; B Goto; K L Hoe; Dong Uk Kim; H O Park; J Hayles; Y Chikashige; C Tsutumi; Y Hiraoka; F Yamao; P Nurse; O Niwa , 2012  
2 Construction of the first compendium of chemical-genetic profiles in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and comparative compendium approach / S Han; M Lee; H Chang; M Nam; H O Park; Y S Kwak; Hye Jeong Ha; D Kim; S O Hwang; K L Hoe; Dong Uk Kim , 2013
3 The effect of the cwf14 gene of fission yeast on cell wall integrity is associated with rho1 / Dong Uk Kim; Shinae Maeng; H Lee; M Nam; S J Lee; K L Hoe , 2016
4 Gene deletion by synthesis in yeast / Jinsil Kim; Dong Uk Kim; K L Hoe , 2016
5 A genome-wide resource of cell cycle and cell shape genes of fission yeast / J Hayles; V Wood; L Jeffery; K L Hoe; Dong Uk Kim; H O Park; S Salas-Pino; C Heichinger; P Nurse , 2013  
6 Genome-wide functional analysis using the barcode sequence alignment and statistical analysis (Barcas) tool / Jihyeob Mun; Dong Uk Kim; K L Hoe; Seon-Young Kim , 2016  
7 A genome-wide screening of target genes against silver nanoparticles in fission yeast / A R Lee; S J Lee; M Lee; M Nam; S Lee; J Choi; H J Lee; Dong Uk Kim; K L Hoe , 2018
8 h-Prune as a novel binding protein of NS5A that regulates ERK1/2 activation / M Nam; C H Kim; Dong Uk Kim; S J Lee; K L Hoe , 2016
9 Identification of Rbd2 as a candidate protease for sterol regulatory element binding protein (SREBP) cleavage in fission yeast / Jinsil Kim; Hye Jeong Ha; Sujin Kim; Ah Reum Choi; S J Lee; K L Hoe; Dong Uk Kim , 2015
10 Mutation analysis of synthetic DNA barcodes in a fission yeast gene deletion library by Sanger sequencing / M Lee; S J Choi; S Han; M Nam; D Kim; Dong Uk Kim; K L Hoe , 2018
11 Systematic targeted gene deletion using the gene-synthesis method in fission yeast / M Nam; S J Lee; S Han; D Kim; M Lee; E J Kang; H O Park; A R Lee; S Lee; C H Kim; Dong Uk Kim; K L Hoe , 2014
12 Transactivation of bad by vorinostat-induced acetylated p53 enhances doxorubicin-induced cytotoxicity in cervical cancer cells / S J Lee; S O Hwang; E J Noh; Dong Uk Kim; M Nam; J H Kim; J H Nam; K L Hoe , 2014  


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