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1 Adaptive laboratory evolution of a genome-reduced Escherichia coli / D Choe; J H Lee; M Yoo; S Hwang; Bong Hyun Sung; S Cho; B Palsson; S C Kim; B K Cho , 2019
2 Bacterial valorization of lignin: strains, enzymes, conversion pathways, biosensors, and perspectives / Siseon Lee; Minsik Kang; Jung Hoon Bae; Jung Hoon Sohn; Bong Hyun Sung , 2019
3 Bioconversion of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc and Rd by novel beta-glucosidase hydrolyzing outer 3-O glycoside from Sphingomonas sp. 2F2: Cloning, expression, and enzyme characterization / L Wang; Q M Liu; Bong Hyun Sung; D S An; H G Lee; Song-Gun Kim; S C Kim; S T Lee; W T Im , 2011
4 Bioconversion of ginsenoside Rc into Rd by a novel α-l- arabinofuranosidase, Abf22-3 from Leuconostoc sp. 22-3: cloning, expression, and enzyme characterization / Q M Liu; H M Jung; C H Cui; Bong Hyun Sung; J K Kim; Song-Gun Kim; S T Lee; S C Kim; W T Im , 2013
5 C1 compound biosensors: design, functional study, and applications / Jin-Young Lee; Bong Hyun Sung; So-Hyung Oh; Kil Koang Kwon; Hyewon Lee; Haseong Kim; Dae-Hee Lee; Soo Jin Yeom; Seung Goo Lee , 2019
6 A cancer specific cell-penetrating peptide, BR2, for the efficient delivery of an scFv into cancer cells / K J Lim; Bong Hyun Sung; J R Shin; Y W Lee; D J Kim; K S Yang; S C Kim , 2013  
7 Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin using a two-stage fixed bed reactorcomprised of in-situ natural zeolite and ex-situ HZSM-5 / H W Lee; Y M Kim; J Jae; Bong Hyun Sung; S C Jung; J C kim; J K Jeon; Y K Park , 2016
8 Characterization of a novel ginsenoside-hydrolyzing α-L-arabinofuranosidase, AbfA, from Rhodanobacter ginsenosidimutans Gsoil 3054T / Dong-Shan An; C H Cui; Bong Hyun Sung; H C Yang; S C Kim; S T Lee; W T Im; Song-Gun Kim , 2012
9 Coating of an antimicrobial peptide on solid substrate via initiated chemical vapor deposition / G M Jeong; H Seong; S G Im; Bong Hyun Sung; S C Kim; K J Jeong , 2018
10 Co-expression of two heterologous lactate dehydrogenases genes in Kluyveromyces marxianus for l-lactic acid production / J W Lee; J H In; J B Park; J Shin; J H Park; Bong Hyun Sung; Jung Hoon Sohn; J H Seo; S R Kim; D H Kweon , 2017
11 Co-fermentation using recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains hyper-secreting different cellulases for the production of cellulosic bioethanol / Cho-Ryong Lee; Bong Hyun Sung; Kwang Mook Lim; Mi Jin Kim; Min Jeong Sohn; Jung Hoon Bae; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2017  
12 Construction of a minimal genome as a chassis for synthetic biology / Bong Hyun Sung; D CHoe; S C Kim; B K Cho , 2016
13 A critical analysis of bio-hydrocarbon production in bacteria: current challenges and future directions / Z Rahman; J Nawab; Bong Hyun Sung; S C Kim , 2018
14 Development of Bacillus methanolicus methanol dehydrogenase with improved formaldehyde reduction activity / Jiyeun Yi; Jinhyuk Lee; Bong Hyun Sung; Du Kyeong Kang; Gyu Tae Lim; Jung Hoon Bae; Seung Goo Lee; S C Kim; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2018
15 Direct protein?protein conjugation by genetically introducing bioorthogonal functional groups into proteins / S Kim; W Ko; Bong Hyun Sung; S C Kim; H S Lee , 2016
16 Display of membrane proteins on the heterologous caveolae carved by caveolin-1 in the Escherichia coli cytoplasm / J Shin; Y H Jung; D H Cho; M Park; K E Lee; Y Yang; C Jeong; Bong Hyun Sung; Jung Hoon Sohn; J B Park; D H Kweon , 2015
17 Draft genome sequence of an acid-tolerant yeast, Candida zemplinina NP2, a potential producer of rrganic acids / Hyeok Jin Ko; Hyun Joo Park; Sun Hee Lee; Haeyoung Jeong; Jung Hoon Bae; Bong Hyun Sung; I G Choi; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2017  
18 Draft genome sequence of a lipolytic yeast, Candida aaseri SH-14 / Sun Hee Lee; Haeyoung Jeong; Hyeok Jin Ko; Jung Hoon Bae; Z H Ibrahim; Bong Hyun Sung; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2017  
19 Draft genome sequence of a multistress-tolerant yeast, Pichia kudriavzevii NG7 / Hyun Joo Park; Hyeok Jin Ko; Haeyoung Jeong; Sun Hee Lee; Hyun Jun Ko; Jung Hoon Bae; Bong Hyun Sung; J I Han; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2018  
20 An efficient genome-wide fusion partner screening system for secretion of recombinant proteins in yeast / Jung Hoon Bae; Bong Hyun Sung; Hyun-Jin Kim; Soon-Ho Park; Kwang Mook Lim; Mi Jin Kim; Cho-Ryong Lee; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2015  


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