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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Abrogation of the Fcγ receptor IIA-mediated phagocytic signal by stem-loop Syk antisense oligonucleotides / Mitsuhiro Matsuda; Jong Gu Park; Da Cheng Wang; Sharon Hunter; Paul Chien; Alan D Schreiber , 1996  
2 De novo mutations in the motor domain of KIF1A cause cognitive impairment, spastic paraparesis, axonal neuropathy, and cerebellar atrophy / Jae-Ran Lee; S Srour; D Kim; F F Hamdan; So Hee Lim; C Brunel-Guitton; J C Decarie; E Rossignol; G A Mitchell; A Schreiber; R Moran; K V Haren; R Richardson; J Nicolai; K M E J Oberndorff; J D Wagner; K M Boycott; E Rahikkala; N Junna; H Tyynismaa; I Cuppen; N E Verbeek; C T R M Stumpel; M A Willemsen; S A Munnik; G A Rouleau; E Kim; E J Kamsteeg; T Kleefstra; J L Michaud , 2015
3 Potent growth inhibition of leukemic cells by novel ribbon-type antisense oligonucleotides to c-myb1 / Ik Jae Moon; Kyu Sam Choi; Young Kook Choi; Ji Eyon Kim; Young Ik Lee; Alan D Schreiber; Jong Gu Park , 2000
4 Target site search and effective inhibition of leukaemic cell growth by a covalently closed multiple anti-sense oligonucleotide to c-myb / Ik Jae Moon; Young Ik Lee; Chun Sik Kwak; Je Ho Lee; Kyu Sam Choi; Alan D Schreiber; Jong Gu Park , 2000


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