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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Antifungal activity of EDTA and combinatory synergism of EDTA with polygodial against Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Sang Hwa Lee; Jae Ran Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1999
2 Autosomal dominant transmission of complicated hereditary spastic paraplegia due to a dominant negative mutation of KIF1A, SPG30 gene / C K Cheon; So Hee Lim; Y M Kim; D Kim; Na-Yoon Lee; Tae-Sung Yoon; Nam-Soon Kim; E Kim; Jae-Ran Lee , 2017  
3 De novo mutations in the motor domain of KIF1A cause cognitive impairment, spastic paraparesis, axonal neuropathy, and cerebellar atrophy / Jae-Ran Lee; S Srour; D Kim; F F Hamdan; So Hee Lim; C Brunel-Guitton; J C Decarie; E Rossignol; G A Mitchell; A Schreiber; R Moran; K V Haren; R Richardson; J Nicolai; K M E J Oberndorff; J D Wagner; K M Boycott; E Rahikkala; N Junna; H Tyynismaa; I Cuppen; N E Verbeek; C T R M Stumpel; M A Willemsen; S A Munnik; G A Rouleau; E Kim; E J Kamsteeg; T Kleefstra; J L Michaud , 2015
4 Excess of de novo deleterious mutations in genes associated with glutamatergic systems in nonsyndromic intellectual disability / F F Hamdan; J Gauthier; Y Araki; D T Lin; Y Yoshizawa; K Higashi; A-reum Park; D Spiegelman; S Dobrzeniecka; A Piton; H Tomitori; H Daoud; C Massicotte; E Henrion; O Diallo; M Shekarabi; C Marineau; M Shevell; B Maranda; G Mitchell; A Nadeau; G D'Anjou; M Vanasse; M Srour; R G Lafreniere; P Drapeau; J C Lacaille; E Kim; Jae-Ran Lee; K Igarashi; R L Huganir; G A Rouleau; J L Michaud , 2011
5 Neuronal synapse formation induced by microglia and interleukin 10 / So Hee Lim; E Park; B You; Y Jung; A R Park; Sung Goo Park; Jae-Ran Lee , 2013  
6 Nox4-dependent H2O2 production contributes to chronic glutamate toxicity in primary cortical neurons / Jong Seong Ha; J E Lee; Jae-Ran Lee; C S Lee; J S Maeng; Y S Bae; Ki Sun Kwon; Sung Sup Park , 2010
7 Protective effects of P2X7 receptor deletion on aging-related memory alterations / S R Lee; W H Cho; Jae-Ran Lee; J S Han , 2016
8 Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPRT as a regulator of synaptic formation and neuronal development / Jae-Ran Lee , 2015
9 PTPRT regulates the interaction of Syntaxin-binding protein 1 with Syntaxin 1 through dephosphorylation of specific tyrosine residue / So Hee Lim; Jeong Hee Moon; Myung Kyu Lee; Jae-Ran Lee , 2013
10 Regulation of synaptic Rac1 activity, long-term potentiation maintenance, and learning and memory by BCR and ABR Rac GPPase-activating proteins / D Oh; S Han; J Seo; Jae-Ran Lee; J Choi; J Groffen; K Kim; Y S Cho; H S Choi; H Shin; J Woo; H Won; S K Park; S Y Kim; J Jo; D J Whitcomb; K Cho; H Kim; Y C Bae; N Heisterkamp; S Y Choi; E Kim , 2010
11 Regulation of dendritic arborization by BCR Rac1 GTPase-activating protein, a substrate of PTPRT / A-Reum Park; D Oh; So Hee Lim; J Choi; Jeong Hee Moon; Dae Yeul Yu; Sung Goo Park; N Heisterkamp; E Kim; P K Myung; Jae-Ran Lee , 2012  
12 Spastin contributes to neural development through the regulation of microtubule dynamics in the primary cilia of neural stem cells / Bohyeon Jeong; Tae Hwan Kim; Dae Soo Kim; W H Shin; Jae-Ran Lee; Nam-Soon Kim; Da Yong Lee , 2019
13 STEP signaling pathway mediates psychomotor stimulation and morphine withdrawal symptoms, but not for reward, analgesia and tolerance / Yoon Jung kim; Young Kang; Hye-Yeon Park; Jae-Ran Lee; Dae Yeul Yu; T Murata; Y Gondo; Jung Hwan Hwang; Yong-Hoon Kim; Chul Ho Lee; M Rhee; P L Han; Bong Hyun Chung; Hyun-Jun Lee; Kyoung Shim Kim , 2016  
14 Synapse formation regulated by protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor T through interaction with cell adhesion molecules and Fyn / So Hee Lim; S K Kwon; Myung Kyu Lee; Jeong Hee Moon; Dae Gwin Jeong; Eun Ha Park; Seung Jun Kim; Byoung Chul Park; Sang Chul Lee; S E Ryu; Dae Yeul Yu; Bong Hyun Chung; E Kim; P K Myung; Jae-Ran Lee , 2009
15 천연물 Polygodial과 Imidazole계 화합물의 병용에 의한 항진균 활성의 증진 / Sang Hwa Lee; Jae Ran Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1999


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