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1 Agathobaculum butyriciproducens gen. nov. sp. nov., a strict anaerobic, butyrate-producing gut bacterium isolated from human faeces and reclassification of Eubacterium desmolans as Agathobaculum desmolans comb. nov. / Sharon Ahn; Tae Eun Jin; Dong Ho Chang; Moon Soo Rhee; Hyeon Ju Kim; Sang Jun Lee; Doo-Sang Park; Byoung Chan Kim , 2016
2 Challenges of biological resource center after the entry into force of the Nagoya protocol / J Lee; Tae Eun Jin , 2016
3 Clostridium vulturis sp. nov., isolated from the intestine of the cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) / Jayoung Paek; M H Lee; B C Kim; B I Sang; W K Paek; Tae Eun Jin; Yeseul Shin; In Soon Park; Young Hyo Chang , 2014
4 Clostridium kogasensis sp. nov., a novel member of the genus Clostridium, isolated from soil under a corroded gas pipeline / Yeseul Shin; S S Kang; Jayoung Paek; Tae Eun Jin; H S Song; H Kim; H M Park; Young Hyo Chang , 2016
5 Draft genome sequence of Bordetella trematum strain HR18 / Dong Ho Chang; Tae Eun Jin; Moon Soo Rhee; Haeyoung Jeong; S Kim; Byoung Chan Kim , 2015  
6 The emerging issue of digital sequence information on genetic resources in the Nagoya Protocol / Tae-Eun Jin , 2017
7 Induction of clusterin expression by neuronal cell death in zebrafish / Y M Jeong; Tae Eun Jin; J H Choi; M S Lee; H T Kim; G S Hwang; Doo-Sang Park; Hyun Woo Oh; J K Choi; V Korzh; M Schachner; K H You; C H Kim , 2014
8 Myroides injenensis sp. nov., a new member isolated from human urine / Jayoung Paek; J H Shin; Yeseul Shin; Insoon Park; Tae Eun Jin; J K Kook; S H Wie; H G Cho; S J Park; Young Hyo Chang , 2015
9 Network of international exchange of microbes under the ACM(NIEMA) : A transfer and exchange system of microbes for microbial resource centres fro non-commercial purpose according to the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol / K Ando; Tae Eun Jin; R Funabiki; L Wu; H Thoetkiattikul; Jung-Sook Lee; B Techapattaraporn; T Changthavorn , 2014
10 A study of the patent microorganism mechanism for biological resource management / J Lee; Min Ok Jun; Tae-Eun Jin , 2018


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