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1 The assessment of efficacy of porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus inactivated vaccine based on the viral quantity and inactivation methods / H Kim; H K Kim; J H Jung; Y J Choi; J Kim; C G Um; S B Hyun; S Shin; B Lee; G Jang; B K Kang; H J Moon; Dae Sub Song , 2011  
2 A Bayesian phylogeographical analysis of type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) / V G Nguyen; H K Kim; H J Moon; Seong-Jun Park; H C Chung; M K Choi; B K Park , 2014
3 Blue light effect on retinal pigment epithelial cells by display devices / J Moon; Jieun Yun; Yeo Dae Yoon; S I Park; Y J Seo; W S Park; H Y Chu; Keun Hong Park; Myung Yeol Lee; Chang Woo Lee; Soo Jin Oh; Y S Kwak; Y P Jang; Jong Soon Kang , 2017
4 Cancer upregulated gene 2, a novel oncogene, enhances migration and drug resistance of colon cancer cells via STAT1 activation / W Malilas; Sang Seok Koh; Seok Ho Kim; R Srisuttee; I R Cho; J Moon; H S Yoo; S Oh; R N Johnston; Y H Chung , 2013
5 Characterization of a chitinase gene exhibiting antifungal activity from a biocontrol bacterium Bacillus licheniformis N1 / K Y Lee; K R Heo; K H Choi; H G Kong; J Nam; Y B Yi; Seung Hwan Park; S W Lee; B J Moon , 2009
6 Characterization of pig sperm hyaluronidase and improvement of the digestibility of cumulus cell mass by recombinant pSPAM1 hyaluronidase in an in vitro fertilization assay / S Yoon; Kyu Tae Chang; H Cho; J Moon; J S Kim; S H Min; D B Koo; Sang-Rae Lee; S H Kim; K E Park; Y I Park; Ekyune Kim , 2014
7 Complete genome sequence of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacterium Alteromonas sp. strain SN2 / H M Jin; Haeyoung Jeong; E J Moon; R K Math; K Lee; H J Kim; C O Jeon; Tae Kwang Oh; Jihyun Kim , 2011
8 Complete genome sequence of an avian-origin H3N2 canine influenza virus isolated from dogs in South Korea / Seong-Jun Park; H J Moon; B K Kang; Minki Hong; Woonseong Na; J K Kim; Haryoung Poo; B K Park; Dae Sub Song , 2012
9 Complete genome sequence of a canine-origin H3N2 feline influenza virus isolated from domestic cats in South Korea / Seong-Jun Park; B K Kang; H Y Jeoung; H J Moon; Minki Hong; Woonseung Na; B K Park; Haryoung Poo; J K Kim; D J An; Dae Sub Song , 2013  
10 Complete genome analysis of porcine enterovirus B isolated in Korea / H J Moon; Dae Sub Song; B H Seon; H K Kim; Seong-Jun Park; D J An; J M Kim; B K Kang; B K Park , 2012
11 Complete genome sequences of porcine deltacoronavirus strains DH1/2016 and DH2/2016 isolated in South Korea / H C Chung; V G Nguyen; W T Oh; H T M Le; H J Moon; J H Lee; Hye Kwon Kim; S J Park; B K Park , 2017  
12 A critical element of the light-induced quaternary structural changes in YtvA-LOV / R Lee; J Gam; J Moon; Seung Goo Lee; Y G Suh; B J Lee; J Lee , 2015
13 Detection and phylogenetic analysis of porcine deltacoronavirus in Korean swine farms, 2015 / J H Lee; H C CHung; V G Nguyen; H J Moon; Hye Kwon Kim; S J Park; C H Lee; G E Lee; B K Park , 2016
14 Differential DNA methylation reprogramming of various repetitive sequences in mouse preimplantation embryos / Seok Ho Kim; Yong-Kook Kang; Deog Bon Koo; M J Kang; S J Moon; Kyung Kwang Lee; Yong Mahn Han , 2004
15 Duplex nested reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction for simultaneous detection of type 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and porcine circovirus type 2 from tissue samples / Hye Kwon Kim; K S Lyoo; T M L Huynh; H J Moon; V G Nguyen; B K Park , 2017
16 Evaluation of developmental toxicity of amitraz in sprague-dawley rats / J C Kim; J Y Shin; Y S Yang; D H Shin; C J Moon; S H Kim; S C Park; Y B Kim; Hyoung-Chin Kim; M K Chung , 2007
17 Evolutionary dynamics of a highly pathogenic type 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus: Analyses of envelope protein-coding genes / V G Nguyen; H K Kim; H J Moon; Seong Jin Park; H C Chung; M K Choi; B K Park , 2015
18 Experimental infection of a newly emerging Korean type I porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate in colostrum-deprived pigs / H K Kim; C S Lee; B K Kang; M J Yeom; H J Moon; S J Park; V G Nguyen; Dae Sub Song; B K Park , 2011  
19 Feroniellin A-induced autophagy causes apoptosis in multidrug-resistant human A549 lung cancer cells / C Kaewpiboon; S Surapinit; W Malilas; J Moon; P Phuwapraisirisan; S Tip-Pyang; R N Johnston; Sang Seok Koh; W Assavalapsakul; Y H Chung , 2014
20 Gouleako and herbert viruses in pigs, Republic of Korea, 2013 / H C Chung; V G Nguyen; D Goede; C H Park; A R Kim; H J Moon; Seong-Jun Park; H K Kim; B K Park , 2014


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