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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 The anoctamin family channel subdued mediates thermal nociception in Drosophila / W Jang; Ji Young Kim; S Cui; J Jo; B C Lee; Y Lee; Ki Sun Kwon; C S Park; C Kim , 2015
2 The assay system for prothrombin: a two-stage assay using ecarin as the prothrombin activator and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays / Young Do Yoo; Moon Hi Han; Ji Young Kim , 1988
3 Cloning of full-length cDNA coding for human prothrombin and its expression in monkey COS cells / Jong Myoung Kim; Yong Joo Kim; Eun Hwa Choi; Jae Man Kim; Ji Young Kim , 1990
4 Cloning of human interleukin-2 cDNA in E. coli by using oligonucleotide primers / Seong Man Kang; Sung Wan Kim; Il Yub Chung; Doe Sun Na; Ji Young Kim; Moon Hi Han , 1988
5 E. coli에서 사람 프리트롬빈 2 cDNA의 크로닝과 발현 / Eun Hwa Choi; Yong Joo Kim; Jong Myoung Kim; Hyo Jeong Hong; Moon Hi Han; Ji Young Kim , 1989
6 Expression of a DNA sequence encoding for the pre-S2 region of hepatitis B virus in E. coli / Young Chul Choi; Ji Young Kim; Myeong Hee Yu; Moon Hi Han , 1986
7 Expression of hepatitis B virus surface antigen gene in E. coli / Young Chul Choi; Ji Young Kim; Myeong Hee Yu; Moon Hi Han , 1986
8 Expression of human growth hormone gene in transgenic mice / Kyung Kwang Lee; Yong Mahn Han; Uk Namgung; Chul Sang Lee; Yong Joo Kim; Jae Man Kim; Ji Young Kim; Moon Hi Han , 1989
9 Genome-wide profiling of the microRNA-mRNA regulatory network in skeletal muscle with aging / Ji Young Kim; Young Kyu Park; Kwang-Pyo Lee; Seung Min Lee; Tae-Wook Kang; Hee Jin Kim; So Hee Dho; Seon-Young Kim; Ki Sun Kwon , 2014  
10 GPR171 expression enhances proliferation and metastasis of lung cancer cells / So Hee Dho; Kwang-Pyo Lee; D Jeong; C J Kim; Kyung-Sook Chung; Ji Young Kim; Bum Chan Park; Sung Sup Park; Seon-Young Kim; Ki Sun Kwon , 2016  
11 Isolation and characterization of the caprine genomic β-lactoglobulin gene / Jaeman Kim; Ji-Young Kim; Kyungjin Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 1995
12 miR-431 promotes differentiation and regeneration of old skeletal muscle by targeting Smad4 / Kwang-Pyo Lee; Yeo-Jin Shin; A C Panda; K Abdelmohsen; Ji Young Kim; Seung Min Lee; Yeong Jae Bahn; Jeong Yi Choi; Eun Soo Kwon; Su Jin Baek; Seon-Young Kim; M Gorospe; Ki Sun Kwon , 2015
13 Molecular cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding caprine beta-lactoglobulin / Ae Kyeong Kim; Jae Man Kim; Ji Young Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 1993
14 NOX5-L can stimulate proliferation and apoptosis depending on its levels and cellular context, determining cancer cell susceptibility to cisplatin / So Hee Dho; Ji Young Kim; Eun Soo Kwon; J C Lim; Sung Sup Park; Ki Sun Kwon , 2015  
15 Overproduction of human interleukin-2 in E. coli / Seong Man Kang; Sung Wan Kim; Hyun Jung Ha; Doe Sun Na; Sue Nie Park; Ji Young Kim; Moon Hi Han , 1988
16 Peroxiredoxin 3 has a crucial role in the contractile function of skeletal muscle by regulating mitochondrial homeostasis / Kwang-Pyo Lee; Yeo-Jin Shin; S C Cho; Seung Min Lee; Yeong Jae Ban; Ji Young Kim; Eun Soo Kwon; Do Yeun Jeong; S C Park; S G Rhee; H A Woo; Ki Sun Kwon , 2014
17 Polypropylene bundle attached multilayered Stigeoclonium biofilms cultivated in untreated sewage generate high biomass and lipid productivity / Byung-Hyuk Kim; Dong-Ho Kim; Jung-Woon Choi; Z Kang; Dae Hyun Cho; Ji Young Kim; Hee-Mock Oh; Hee-Sik Kim , 2015
18 Rab7 gene is up-regulated by cholesterol-rich diet in the liver and artery / Ji Young Kim; Moon Kyoo Jang; Sang Sook Lee; Myung Sook Choi; Song Hae Bok; Goo Taeg Oh; Yong Bok Park , 2002
19 Synergistic action of glucocorticoid and insulin in expression of transfected rat beta-casein promoter/human growth hormone fusion gene in a mammary epithelial cell line / Dae Yeul Yu; Chul Sang Lee; Ji-Young Kim; Kyung Kwang Lee , 1991


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