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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Cloning of a gene encoding dextranase from Lipomyces starkeyi and its expression in Pichia pastoris / H K Kang; Ji-Young Park; J S Ahn; S H Kim; D Kim , 2009
2 Codon optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mating factor alpha prepro-leader to improve recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris / Jungoh Ahn; Min-Jung Jang; K S Ang; Hong-Weon Lee; Eui Sung Choi; D Y Lee , 2016
3 Development of a recombinant strain of Pichia pastoris with antibacterial activity / Dae Ook Kang; Jun-Won Lee; Gun Young Heo; Jong Seog Ahn , 2002
4 Expression, purification, and characterization of human intestinal maltase secreted from Pichia pastoris / H J Ryu; E S Seo; H K Kang; Young Min Kim; D Kim , 2011
5 Flavonoid-mediated inhibition of SARS coronavirus 3C-like protease expressed in Pichia pastoris / T T H Nguyen; H J Woo; H K Kang; V D Nguyen; Young Min Kim; D W Kim; S A Ahn; Y Xia; D Kim , 2012
6 Glycosylation of human α₁-antitrypsin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and methylotrophic yeasts / Hyun Ah Kang; Jung Hoon Sohn; Eui Sung Choi; Bong Hyun Chung; Myeong Hee Yu; Sang Ki Rhee , 1998
7 Identification of △9-elongation activity from Thraustochytrium aureum by heterologous expression in Pichia pastoris / J C Lee; P Anbu; W H Kim; M J Noh; Soo-Jin Lee; Jeong-Woo Seo; B K Hur , 2008
8 Identification and characterization of a novel enzyme related to the synthesis of PUFAs derived from thraustochytrium aureum ATCC 34304 / D H Kang; P Anbu; Y S Jeong; B P Chaulagain; Jeong Woo Seo; B K Hur , 2010
9 Inhibition effect of flavonoid compounds against neuraminidase expressed in Pichia pastoris / T T H Nguyen; H K Kang; Young-Min Kim; D Kim , 2014
10 Methylotrophic yeasts as a new host for heterologous protein expression / Kang Hyun Ah; Sang Ki Rhee , 2001
11 Screening of the genes expressed in Pichia pastoris grown in phosphate-limited chemostat culture / Ji Yeon Hong; Jungoh Ahn; M S Park; S Y Choi; Eui Sung Choi; Joon Ki Jung; Hong-Weon Lee , 2007
12 Translation elongation factor 1-α gene from Pichia pastoris: Molecular cloning, sequence, and use of its promoter / Jungoh Ahn; Jiyeon Hong; Hyeok Won Lee; Myongsoo Park; Eun Gyo Lee; Chun Sug Kim; Eui Sung Choi; Joonki Jung; Hong-Weon Lee , 2007


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