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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Anti-obesity effects of spiramycin in vitro and in vivo / Mun-Ock Kim; Hyung Won Ryu; Ji Hee Choi; Tae Hyun Son; Sei-Ryang Oh; Hyun Sun Lee; Heung Joo Yuk; Sungchan Cho; Jong Soon Kang; Chang Woo Lee; Jinhyuk Lee; C K Lee; S T Hong; Su Ui Lee , 2016  
2 BACE1 inhibition by genistein: biological evaluation, kinetic analysis, and molecular docking simulation / K Youn; J H Park; S Lee; Jinhyuk Lee; E Y Yun; W S Jeong; M Jun , 2018
3 Biological evaluation and in silico docking study of γ-linolenic acid as a potential BACE1 inhibitor / K Youn; Jinhyuk Lee; E Y Yun; C T Ho; M V Karwe; W S Jeong; M Jun , 2014
4 Clinical relevance and molecular phenotypes in gastric cancer, of TP53 mutations and gene expressions, in combination with other gene mutations / S Park; Jinhyuk Lee; Y H Kim; J Park; S W Shin; S Nam , 2016  
5 Computational prediction for the protein interactions of tyrosinase: protein experimental interactome MAP / W Wang; D Park; Sunyoung Ji; S J Yin; G Y Qian; H Y Chung; J M Yang; Jinhyuk Lee; Y D Park , 2013
6 Computational prediction of protein-protein interactions of human tyrosinase / S F Wang; Sangho Oh; Y X Si; Z J Wang; H Y Han; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012  
7 A computational integrating kinetic study on the flexible active site of human acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 / Y Xu; Jinhyuk Lee; H S Yang; Z R Lu; H Mu; J M Yang; Q Zhang; Y D Park , 2016
8 Computational prediction integrating the inhibition kinetics of gallotannin on α-glucosidase / L M Yue; Jinhyuk Lee; L Zheng; Y D Park; Z M Ye; J M Yang , 2017
9 Designing an antibody-based chaperoning system through programming the binding and release of the folding intermediate / T Liu; C Sun; C Li; Jinhyuk Lee; Y D Park; Y Zhang; S Li , 2016
10 Development of Bacillus methanolicus methanol dehydrogenase with improved formaldehyde reduction activity / Jiyeun Yi; Jinhyuk Lee; Bong Hyun Sung; Du Kyeong Kang; Gyu Tae Lim; Jung Hoon Bae; Seung Goo Lee; S C Kim; Jung Hoon Sohn , 2018
11 Differential effects, on oncogenic pathway signalling, by derivatives of the HNF4 α inhibitor BI6015 / J H Kim; H J Eom; GyuTae Lim; S Park; Jinhyuk Lee; S Nam; Y H Kim; J H Jeong , 2019
12 Directly converted patient-specific induced neurons mirror the neuropathology of FUS with disrupted nuclear localization in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / S M Lim; W J Choi; K W Oh; Y Xue; J Y Choi; S H Kim; M Nahm; Y E Kim; Jinhyuk Lee; M Y Noh; S Lee; S Hwang; C S ki; X D Fu , 2016  
13 Discovery of polymethoxyflavones from black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) as potential β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitors / K Youn; Jinhyuk Lee; C T Ho; M Jun , 2016
14 Dual BACE1 and cholinesterase inhibitory effects of phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava: an in vitro and in silico study / Jinhyuk Lee; M Jun , 2019
15 Effect of Ca2+ on the activity and structure of α-glucosidase: Inhibition kinetics and molecular dynamics simulations / X Zhang; L Shi; X Li; Q Sheng; L Yao; D Shen; Z R Lu; H M Zhou; Y D Park; Jinhyuk Lee; Q Zhang , 2014
16 The effect of Zn2+ on Exopalaemon carinicauda arginine kinase: Computational simulations including unfolding kinetics / Y X Si; Jinhyuk Lee; S J Yin; M L Zhang; G Y Qian; Y D Park , 2015
17 The effect of Cu2+ on arginine kinase from Euphausia superba: A computational simulation integrating unfolding and aggregation studies / J G Cheng; Y X Si; Jinhyuk Lee; F Zhao; J M Yang; G Y Qian; S J Yin; Y D Park , 2015
18 Effect of Ba2+ on the activity and structure of α-glucosidase: Inhibition kinetics and molecular dynamics simulation / X Li; Z R Lu; W Wang; X P Han; J M Yang; Y D Park; H M Zhou; Q Sheng; Jinhyuk Lee , 2015
19 The effect of Zn2+ on Pelodiscus sinensis creatine kinase: unfolding and aggregation studies / S F Wang; Jinhyuk Lee; W Wang; Y X Si; C Li; T R Kim; J M Yang; S J Yin; G Y Qian , 2013
20 The effect of fucoidan on tyrosinase: computational molecular dynamics integrating inhibition kinetics / Z J Wang; Y X Si; Sangho Oh; J M Yang; S J Yin; Y D Park; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012


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