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1 Analysis of the genome of Symbiobaterium toebii by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis / Seung Pyo Hong; Jong Hoon Park; Yong Sung Kim; Hae Jun Hwang; Sung-Keun Rhee; Seung Goo Lee; Moon Hee Sung; Nobuyoshi Esaki , 2000
2 Application of a thermostable glutamate racemase from Bacillus sp. SK-1 for the production of D-phenylalanine in a multi-enzyme system / Hee Sung Bae; Seung Pyo Hong; Seung Goo Lee; Mi Sun Kwak; Nobuyoshi Esaki; Moon Hee Sung , 2002
3 Characterization of thermostable tyrosine phenol-lyase from an obligatory symbiotic thermothile, Symbiobacterium sp. SC-1 / Seung Goo Lee; Seung Pyo Hong; Mi Sun Kwak; Nobuyoshi Esaki; Moon Hee Sung , 1999
4 Site-directed mutagenesis of the amino acid residues in β-strand III [Val30-Val36] of D-amino acid aminotransferase of Bacillus sp. YM-1 / Hyeon Su Ro; Seung Pyo Hong; Hwa-Jung Seo; Tohru Yoshimura; Nobuyoshi Esaki; Kenji Soda; Hak-Sung Kim; Moon Hee Sung , 1996
5 고온성 절대공생미생물의 신규 아미노산 생합성 효소를 이용한 유용 아미노산의 생물전환기술 연구 / Nobuyoshi Esaki; 곽미선; 김수미; 박진서; 백대헌; 성문희; 전체옥; 이승구; 홍승표; 송재준; 이성근 , 2000  


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