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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Carboxylic acid-functionalized conducting-polymer nanotubes as highly sensitive nerve-agent chemiresistors / Oh Seok Kwon; Chul Soon Park; Seon Joo Park; S Noh; S Kim; Hye Jeong Kong; J Bae; Chang-Soo Lee; H Yoon , 2016  
2 Chemo-electrical gas sensors based on conducting polymer hybrids / Seon Joo Park; Chul Soon Park; H Yoon , 2017  
3 Conducting polymer based nanobiosensors / Chul Soon Park; Changsoo Lee; Oh Seok Kwon , 2016  
4 Dopamine receptor D1 agonism and antagonism using a field-effect transistor assay / Seon Joo Park; H Yang; S H Lee; H S Song; Chul Soon Park; J Bae; Oh Seok Kwon; T H Park; J Jang , 2017
5 Effect of a surfactant in microcapsule synthesis on self-healing behavior of capsule embedded polymeric films / Jiyeon Lee; Seon Joo Park; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; S Y Chung; J Shim; Chang-Soo Lee; J Bae , 2018  
6 Fabrication of photo-crosslinkable polymer/silica sol-gel hybrid thin films as versatile barrier films / J Bae; Jiyeon Lee; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2016
7 Fast and sensitive near-infrared fluorescent probes for ALP detection and 3d printed calcium phosphate scaffold imaging in vivo / Chul Soon Park; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim; N Raja; H S Yoon; M J Sung; Oh Seok Kwon; H Yoon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2018
8 Fluorescent polydopamine nanoparticles as a probe for zebrafish sensory hair cells targeted in vivo imaging / Kyo Eun Gu; Chul Soon Park; Hyun Ju Cho; Tai Hwan Ha; J Bae; Oh Seok Kwon; Jeong Soo Lee; Chang-Soo Lee , 2018  
9 Graphene-based nanoelectronic biosensors / Chul Soon Park; H Yoon; Oh Seok Kwon , 2016
10 Graphene-embedded hydrogel nano?bers for detection and removal of aqueous-phase dyes / K Im; D N Nguyen; S Kim; H J Kong; Y Kim; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; H Yoon , 2017
11 Human dopamine receptor-conjugated multidimensional conducting polymer nanofiber membrane for dopamine detection / Seon Joo Park; S H Lee; H Yang; Chul Soon Park; Chang-Soo Lee; Oh Seok Kwon; T H Park; J Jang , 2016
12 Nanostructured mesophase electrode materials : modulating charge-storage behavior by thermal treatment / H J Kong; S Kim; T H Le; Y Kim; G Park; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; H Yoon , 2017  
13 A near-infrared “turn-on” fluorescent probe with a self-immolative linker for the in vivo quantitative detection and imaging of hydrogen sulfide / Chul Soon Park; Tai Hwan Ha; Seon-Ae Choi; D N Nguyen; S Noh; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee; H Yoon , 2017
14 Structural effects of naphthalimide-based fluorescent sensor for hydrogen sulfide and imaging in live zebrafish / Seon-Ae Choi; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; H K Giong; Jeong Soo Lee; Tai Hwan Ha; Chang-Soo Lee , 2016  


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