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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Atromentin and leucomelone, the first inhibitors specific to enoyl-ACP reductase (FabK) of Streptococcus pneumoniae / C J Zheng; Mi Jin Sohn; Won Gon Kim , 2006
2 Bionectins A-C, epidithiodioxopiperazines with anti-MRSA activity, from Bionectra byssicola F120 / C J Zheng; Chang-Jin Kim; Kyung Sook Bae; Y H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2006
3 Cephalochromin, a FabI-directed antibacterial of microbial origin / C J Zheng; Mi Jin Sohn; Sangku Lee; Young-Soo Hong; J H Kwak; Won Gon Kim , 2007
4 Glioperazine B, as a new antimicrobial agent against Staphylococcus aureus, and glioperazine C: two new dioxopiperazines from Bionectra byssicola / C J Zheng; Y H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2007
5 Isodeoxyhelicobasidin, a novel human neutrophil elastase inhibitor from the culture broth of Volvariella bombycina / G H Xu; Young Hee Kim; Soo-Jin Choo; In Ja Ryoo; C J Zheng; S J Seok; Won Gon Kim; Ick Dong Yoo , 2009
6 Isolation and identification of FR198248, a hydroxylated 1,4-dihydroisobenzofuran, from Aspergillus flavipes F543 as an inhibitor of peptide deformylase / Yun-Ju Kwon; C J Zheng; Won Gon Kim , 2010
7 Macrolactins O-R, glycosylated 24-membered lactones from Bacillus sp. AH159-1 / C J Zheng; Sangku Lee; C H Lee; Won Gon Kim , 2007
8 Macrolactin N, a new peptide deformylase inhibitor produced by Bacillus subtilis / Jung-Sung Yoo; C J Zheng; Sangku Lee; J H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2006
9 Madurahydroxylactone, an Inhibitor of Staphylococcus aureus FtsZ from Nonomuraea sp. AN100570 / Bo-Min Kim; Ha-Young Choi; Geon-Woo Kim; C J Zheng; Y H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2017
10 Meleagrin, a new FabI inhibitor from Penicillium chryosogenum with at least one additional mode of action / C J Zheng; M J Sohn; Sangku Lee; Won Gon Kim , 2013  
11 Methyl-branched fatty acids, inhibitors of enoyl-ACP reductase with antibacterial activity from Streptomyces sp. A251 / C J Zheng; Mi Jin Sohn; Seung-Wook Chi; Won Gon Kim , 2010
12 MMPP attenuates non-small cell lung cancer growth by inhibiting the STAT3 DNA-binding activity via direct binding to the STAT3 DNA-binding domain / D J Son; J Zheng; Y Y Jung; C J Hwang; H P Lee; J R Woo; S Y Baek; Y W Ham; M W Kang; M Shong; G R Kweon; M J Song; J K Jung; S B Han; Bo Yeon Kim; D Y Yoon; B Y Choi; J T Hong , 2017  
13 Molecular dynamics simulation integrating the inhibition kinetics of hydroxysafflor yellow A on α-glucosidase / Y Xu; Jinhyuk Lee; Y D Park; J M Yang; J Zheng; Q Zhang , 2018
14 Olean-27-carboxylic acid-type triterpenes with potent antibacterial activity from Aceriphyllum rossii / C J Zheng; Mi Jin Sohn; Ki Young Kim; Hyung Eun Yu; Won Gon Kim , 2008
15 Potent anticariogenic activity of Aceriphyllum rossii and its components, aceriphyllic acid A and 3-oxoolean-12-en-27-oic acid / C J Zheng; Hyun Woo Oh; Won Gon Kim , 2010
16 Vinaxanthone, a new FabI inhibitor from Penicillium sp. / C J Zheng; Mi Jin Sohn; Won Gon Kim , 2009
17 Viridicatumtoxin B, a new anti-MRSA agent from Penicillium so. FR11 / C J Zheng; Hyung Eun Yu; E H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2008


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