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1 An antibody designed to improve adoptive NK-cell therapy inhibits pancreatic cancer progression in a murine model / Jaemin Lee; T H Kang; Wonbeak Yoo; Hyunji Choi; Sungyea Jo; Kyungsu Kong; Sang-Rae Lee; Sun-Uk Kim; Ji-Su Kim; D Cho; Janghwan Kim; J Y Kim; Eun Soo Kwon; Seokho Kim , 2019
2 Characterization of DNA methylation change in stem cell marker genes during differentiation of human embryonic stem cells / Seungeun Yeo; Sangkyun Jeong; Janghwan Kim; J S Han; Y M Han; Yong-Kook Kang , 2007
3 Comparative analysis of human embryonic stem cell derived neural stem cells as an in vitro human model / J H Oh; Cho Rok Jung; Mi Ok Lee; Janghwan Kim; Mi Young Son , 2018
4 Concurrent progress of reprogramming and gene correction to overcome therapeutic limitation of mutant ALK2-iPSC / B Y KIm; S Jeong; S Y Lee; S M Lee; E J Gweon; Hyunjun Ahn; Janghwan Kim; S K Chung , 2016  
5 Cyclopamine treatment of human embryonic stem cells followed by culture in human astrocyte medium promotes differentiation into nestin- and GFAP-expressing astrocytic lineage / D S Lee; Kweon Yu; J Y Rho; E Lee; J S Han; Deog Bon Koo; Yeesook Cho; Janghwan Kim; Kyung Kwang Lee; Y M Han , 2006
6 Cytoskeleton-associated proteins are enriched in human embryonic-stem cell-derived neuroectodermal spheres / J I Chea; Janghwan Kim; S M Woo; H W Han; Y K Cho; K B Oh; Ki Hoan Nam; Yong-Kook Kang , 2009
7 Direct lineage reprogramming of mouse fibroblasts to functional midbrain dopaminergic neuronal progenitors / Han-Seop Kim; Janghwan Kim; Y Jo; D Jeon; Yee Sook Cho , 2014
8 Direct lineage reprogramming to neural cells / Janghwan Kim; R Ambasudhan; S Ding , 2012
9 Direct reprogramming of mouse fibroblasts to neural progenitors / Janghwan Kim; J A Efe; S Zhu; M Talantova; X Yuan; S Wang; S A Lipton; K Zhang; S Ding , 2011
10 Distinctive genomic signature of neural and intestinal organoids from familial Parkinson’s disease patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells / Mi Young Son; Hyuna Sim; Ye Seul Son; Kwang Bo Jung; Mi Ok Lee; J H Oh; S K Chung; Cho-Rok Jung; Janghwan Kim , 2017
11 Downregulation of PRMT1, a histone arginine methyltransferase, by sodium propionate induces cell apoptosis in colon cancer / Tae Young Ryu; Kwangho Kim; Mi Young Son; Jeong Ki Min; Janghwan Kim; Tae Su Han; Dae Soo Kim; Hyun Soo Cho , 2019
12 Expression profiles of protein tyrosine kinase genes in human embryonic stem cells / Mi Young Son; Janghwan Kim; Hyo-Won Han; Sun Mi Woo; Yeesook Cho; Yong-Kook Kang; Y M Han , 2008
13 Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells from osteoarthritis patient-derived synovial cells / Min Joung Kim; Myung Jin Son; Mi Young Son; Binna Seol; Janghwan Kim; Jong Jin Park; J H Kim; Yong Hoon Kim; S A Park; Chul Ho Lee; K S Lee; Y M Han; J S Chang; Yee Sook Cho , 2011
14 Generation of gene-corrected iPSC line from Parkinson's disease patient iPSC line with alpha-SNCA A53T mutation / S Y Lee; S Jeong; Janghwan Kim; S K Chung , 2018
15 Homogeneous generation of iDA neurons with high similarity to bona fide DA neurons using a drug inducible system / H Park; H Kim; J Yoo; J Lee; H Choi; S Baek; C J Lee; Janghwan Kim; C J Lengner; J S Sung; J Kim , 2015
16 Human embryonic stem cell-derived neuroectodermal spheres revealing neural precursor cell properties / Hyo-Won Han; Janghwan Kim; M J Kang; S J Moon; Yong-Kook Kang; Deog Bon Koo; Yeesook Cho , 2008
17 Inactivation of human DGAT2 by oxidative stress on cysteine residues / Sunhee Jung; Miri Choi; Kwangman Choi; Eun Bin Kwon; Mingu Kang; Dong-eun Kim; Hyejeong Jeong; Janghwan Kim; J H Kim; Mun-Ock Kim; S B Han; Sungchan Cho , 2017  
18 Integrative analysis of genes and miRNA alterations in human embryonic stem cells-derived neural cells after exposure to silver nanoparticles / J H Oh; Mi Young Son; M S Choi; A Y Choi; H A Lee; K S Kim; Janghwan Kim; C W Song; S Yoon , 2016
19 Interleukin-2 induces the in vitro maturation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived intestinal organoids / Kwang Bo Jung; Hana Lee; Ye Seul Son; Mi Ok Lee; Young-Dae Kim; S J Oh; Ohman Kwon; Sunwha Cho; Hyun Soo Cho; Dae Soo Kim; J H Oh; M Zilbauer; Jeong Ki Min; Cho Rok Jung; Janghwan Kim; Mi Young Son , 2018
20 In vitro and in vivo imaging and tracking of intestinal organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells / Kwang Bo Jung; Hana Lee; Ye Seul Son; Ji Hye Lee; Hyun Soo Cho; Mi Ok Lee; J H Oh; Jaemin Lee; Seokho Kim; Cho Rok Jung; Janghwan Kim; Mi Young Son , 2018


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