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1 Comparison of characteristics of levan produced by different preparations of levansucrase from Zymomonas mobilis / Ki Hyo Jang; Ki Bang Song; Chul Ho Kim; Bong Hyun Chung; Soon Ah Kang; Uck Han Chun; Ryo Won Choue; Sang Ki Rhee , 2001
2 Levan production by use of the recombinant levansucrase immobilized on titanium-activated magnetite / Ki Hyo Jang; Ki Bang Song; Buem Seek Park; Chul Ho Kim; Bong Hyun Chung; Ryo Won Choue; Kwang Suck Lee; Chan Lee; Uck Han Chun; Sang Ki Rhee , 2001
3 L-sorbose production from glucose and fructose using Zymomonas mobilis and Gluconobacter suboxydans in a two-stage fed-batch reactor / Won-Keuk Kim; Uck-Han Chun; Young-Min Park; Chul Ho Kim; Eui Sung Choi; Sang Ki Rhee , 1994
4 Preparation of levan oligosaccharides by acid hydrolysis and its application in growth of lactic acid-producing bacteria / Tae Ho Kang; Sung Je Jung; Soon Ah Kang; Ki Hyo Jang; Eun Kyung Jang; Seung Hwan Kim; In Hwan Kim; Chul Ho Kim; Sang Ki Rhee; Uck Han Chun , 2002
5 Production of D-sorbitol and L-sorbose from jerusalem artichoke by Zymomonas mobilis and Gluconobacter suboxydans / Uck Han Chun; Won Keuk Kim; Dong Wook Cho; In Chul Kim; Sang Ki Rhee , 1993
6 Viscosity of levan produced by levansucrase from Zymomonas mobilis / Chul Ho Kim; Ki Bang Song; Sang Ki Rhee; Byung Yong Kim; Uck Han Chun , 1998


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