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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Antimicrobial drug susceptibility and plasmid profiles of Salmonella species isolated from poultry / Won Yong Kim; Young Hyo Chang; Kyoung-yoon Park; Chul-joong Kim; Kwang-soon Shin; Yong Ha Park , 1995
2 Detection of Salmonella species by polymerase chain reaction / Doo Hee Park; Won Yong Kim; Chul Joong Kim; Jum Sool Mah , 1994
3 Halomonas alimentaria sp. nov., isolated from jeotgal, a traditional Korean fermented seafood / Jung Hoon Yoon; Keun Chul Lee; Yung Hee Kho; Kook Hee Kang; Chul Joong Kim; Yong Ha Park , 2002
4 Introduction of VP6 gene into potato plant by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and analysis of VP6 expression in transgenic potatoes / Jung Won Youm; Jae Heung Jeon; Jae Yeol Jung; Byoung Chan Lee; Won Jin Kang; Mi Sun Kim; Chul Joong Kim; Hyouk Joung; Hyun Soon Kim , 2002
5 A novel microbial interaction: obligate commensalism between a new gram-negative thermophile and a thermophilic Bacillus strain / Sung-Keun Rhee; Seung Goo Lee; Seung Pyo Hong; Yoon Ho Choi; Jong Hoon Park; Chul Joong Kim; Moon Hee Sung , 2000
6 A rapid detection of Salmonella species using polymerization chain reaction and southern hybridization / Won Yong Kim; Young Hyo Chang; Kyung-yoon Park; Chul-joong Kim; Kwang-soon Shin; Yong Ha Park , 1995
7 Rhodococcus pyridinivorans sp. nov., a pyridine-degrading bacterium / Jung Hoon Yoon; Seok Sung Kang; Young Gyun Cho; Sung Taik Lee; Yung Hee Kho; Chul Joong Kim; Yong Ha Park , 2000
8 A study on the antitumor activity of recombinant human lymphotoxin / Won Yong Kim; Chul Joong Kim; Yoon Ho Choi; Moon Hee Sung; Jae Yoon Choi , 1992
9 Surface-displayed viral antigens on Salmonella carrier vaccine / Jong Soo Lee; Kwang Soon Shin; Jae Gu Pan; Chul Joong Kim , 2000
10 Transmissible gastroenteritis virus(TGEV)와 porcine epidemic diarrhea virus(PEDV)의 nucleocapsid(N) 단백질 유전자에 대한 염기서열 분석과 cDNA probe hybridization / Ji-Yong Park; Chul-Joong Kim; Kwang-soon Shin; Won-Yong Kim; Shien-young Kang; Yong-Ho Park; Hae-Jung Han; Yong Ha Park , 1995


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