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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Biological control of clover by Penicillium sp. / Pan Kyung Kim; Dong Jin park; Jung-Sub Choi; In-Taek Hwang; Kyung-Sik Hong; Chang Jin Kim , 1997
2 Distribution pattern of soil actinomycetes at natural caves / Cae Young Lim; Oh Sung Kwon; Pan Kyung Kim; Dong Jin park; Dong-Hee Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1996
3 Enzymatic action of thermostable DS phytase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in rice bran / Pan Kyung Kim; Seung Chun Park; Yang Woong Choi; Tae Kwang Oh , 1999
4 Evaluation of antimicrobial activities of domestic actinomycete strains / So Yeon Kim; Dong Jin park; Oh Sung Kwon; Chae Young Lim; Pan Kyung Kim; Sang-Wha Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1996
5 Genus distribution of soil actinomycetes on different depth / Pan Kyung Kim; Oh-Sung Kwon; Chae Young Lim; Dong Jin park; Chang Jin Kim , 1997
6 Isolation and identification of Micromonospora sp. showing nematocidal activity against pine wood nematode / Dong Jin park; Jae-Chan Lee; Pan Kyung Kim; Chang-Jin Kim , 2008
7 Screening of Penicillium sp. showing herbicidal activity on Trifolium repens L. / Pan Kyung Kim; Dong Jin park; Soon-Yong Choi; Chang Jin Kim , 1996
8 Taxonomic characterization and UV/VIS analysis of antagonistic marine actinomycete isolated from South West Coast of South Korea / S Parthasarathi; Chang-Jin Kim; Pan Kyung Kim; S Sathya; M Manikandan; T Manikandan; B Karuppaiya , 2010


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