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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Bacterial community enhances flocculation efficiency of Ettlia sp. by altering extracellular polymeric substances profile / Chau Hai Thai Vu; Seong-Jun Chun; Seong-Hyun Seo; Yingshun Cui; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2019
2 Bioflocculant produced by Aspergillus sp. JS-42 / Jin Sik Nam; Gi Seok Kwon; Sang Ok Lee; Ji Sook Hwang; Jae Dong Lee; Byung Dae Yoon; Tae Ho Lee , 1996
3 Effects of cellCaSi and bioflocculant on the control of algal bloom / Myung-Hwan Park; Seog June Lee; Byung Dae Yoon; Hee Mock Oh , 2001
4 Effects of harvesting method and growth stage on the flocculation of the green alga Botryococcus braunii / S J Lee; S B Kim; J E Kim; G S Kwon; Byung Dae Yoon; Hee-Mock OH , 1998
5 Harvest of Scenedesmus sp. with bioflocculant and reuse of culture medium for subsequent high-density cultures / D G Kim; Hyun Joon La; Chi-Yong Ahn; Y H Park; Hee-Mock Oh , 2011
6 Microalgae-associated bacteria play a key role in the flocculation of Chlorella vulgaris / Jimin Lee; Dae-Hyun Cho; R Ramanan; Byung-Hyuk Kim; Hee-Mock Oh; Hee-Sik Kim , 2013
7 Negative regulation of filamentous growth and flocculation by Lkh1, a fission yeast LAMMER Kinase homolog / Kun Hoe Kim; Young Mi Cho; Won Hwa Kang; Ji Hoon Kim; Kwan Ho Byun; Yoon Dong Park; Kyung Sook Bae; Hee Moon Park , 2001
8 A novel flocculant biopolymer produced by Pestalotiopsis sp. KCTC 8637P / Gi Seok Kwon; S H Moon; S D Hong; H M Lee; Hee Sik Kim; Hee Mock Oh; Byung Dae Yoon , 1996
9 Optimization of flocculation conditions for Botryococcus braunii using response surface methodology / Dong-Geol Kim; Hee-Mock Oh; Y H Park; Hee-Sik Kim; Hyung Gwan Lee; Chi-Yong Ahn , 2013
10 Simple processes for optimized growth and harvest of Ettlia sp. by pH control using CO2 and light irradiation / Chan Yoo; Hyun Joon La; S C Kim; Hee-Mock Oh , 2015


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