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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Cometabolic removal of xylene isomers by Alcaligenes xylosoxidans Y234 / Sung Ho Yeom; Jung Heon Lee; Young Je Yoo , 1998
2 Comparison of various optimization approaches for fed-batch ethanol production / Jung Heon Lee , 1999
3 Control of both foam and dissolved oxygen in the presence of a surfactant for production of β-Carotene in Blakeslea trispora / Seon Won Kim; In Young Lee; Jae Cheol Jeong; Jung Heon Lee; Young Hoon Park , 1999
4 Curdlan gels as protein drug delivery vehicles / Beom Soo Kim; In Duck Jung; Jong Sik Kim; Jung Heon Lee; In Young Lee; Kyung Bok Lee , 2000
5 Development of nonsingular optimization algorithm and its application to chemical engineering systems / Jung Heon Lee; Henry C Lim , 1999
6 Feedback control of dissolved oxygen with hardware modification of fermenter / Jung Heon Lee; In Young Lee; Young Hoon Park , 2000
7 A high viscosity of curdlan at alkaline pH increases segregational resistance of concrete / In Young Lee; Seon Won Kim; Jung Heon Lee; Mi Kyoung Kim; In Sung Cho; Young Hoon Park , 1999
8 Influence of agitation speed on production of curdlan by Agrobacterium species / In Young Lee; Mi Kyung Kim; Jung Heon Lee; W T Seo; J K Jung; Hong Weon Lee; Young Hoon Park , 1999
9 Multiplicity and stability analysis of continuous pre-fermentation of cheese culture / Jung Heon Lee; H C Lim , 1999
10 Optimal pH control of batch processes for production of curdlan by Agrobacterium species / Jung Heon Lee; In Young Lee; Mi Kyoung Kim; Young Hoon Park , 1999
11 Optimal production of curdlan by Agrobacterium sp. with feedback inferential control of optimal pH profile / Jung Heon Lee; Young Hoon Park , 2001
12 Optimization of fermentation processes with singular approximation and minimum principle / Jung Heone Lee; Jae Cheol Jeong; Young Hoon Park , 1999
13 Optimization of uracil addition for curdlan (β-1 -> 3-glucan) production by Agrobacterium sp. / Jung Heon Lee; In Young Lee , 2001
14 Removal of organo-sulphur odour compounds by Thiobacillus novellus SRM, sulphur-oxidizing microorganisms / Jin Myung Cha; Wol Suk Cha; Jung Heon Lee , 1999
15 Residual phosphate concentration under nitrogen-limiting conditions regulates curdlan production in Agrobacterium species / Mi Kyung Kim; In Young Lee; Jung Heon Lee; K T Kim; Y H Rhee; Young Hoon Park , 2000


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