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1 Aged-related changes of neuropeptide Y immunoreactivity (NPY-ir) in the cerebral cortex of aged spontaneously hypertensive(SHR) and aged normotensive wistar-kyoto(WKY) rats / Nam Seob Lee; Young Gil Jeong; Jae Chul Lee; Seon Gil Do; Moo Ho Won; Jun Gyo Suh; Hyun Kyung Shin; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Seok Oh , 1999
2 Dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra and ventral tegmentum in the stripped field mouse(apodemus agrarius coreae) / Young-Gil Jeong; Kill-Soo Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Won Kee Yoon; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang-Seok Oh; Moo-ho Won; Moo-Kang Kim , 1997
3 Immunohistochemical changes of tyrosine hydroxylase containing neurons in the main olfactory bulb of naris occlusion rat / Nam Seob Lee; Yang Seok Oh; Moo Ho Won; Byung Hwa Hyun; Young Gil Jeong , 1999
4 Morphogenetical survey of wild mice captured from Anmyon-up and Kumi city / Jun Gyo Suh; Sun Gil Do; Chung Seop Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Seung Hun Oh; Hyun Jin Kim; Gin Bong Kim; Je Kyung Seong; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Seok Oh , 2000
5 Morphogenetical survey and distribution of the Fv4r Gene in Korean wild mice / Jun Gyo Suh; Sun Gil Do; Chung Sup Kim; Je Kyung Seong; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Seok Oh , 1999
6 Morphogenetical characteristics of Korean wild rat / Je Kyung Seong; Young Min Yun; Ji Young Park; Seung Hyun Oh; Seon Gil Do; Hee Kyung Jin; Byung Hwa Hyun; Jun Gyo Suh; Yang Seok Oh , 1999
7 Neuropeptide Y-immunoreactive neurons in corpus striatum of the Korean squirrel(Sciurus vulgalis coreae) / Young-gil Jeong; Nam-seob Lee; Byung Hwa Hyun; Chul Ho Lee; Yang-seok Oh; Moo-kang Kim; Moo-ho Won , 1996
8 Spontaneously pancreatic changes in diabetic WBN/Kob rats / Je Kyung Seong; Yeo Sung Yoon; Byung Hwa Hyun; Hwan Mook Kim; Seon Gil Do; Jun Gyo Suh; Yang Seok Oh , 1997


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