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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 An approach for simultaneous determination for geographical origins of Korean Panax ginseng by UPLC-QTOF/MS coupled with OPLS-DA models / Hyuk Hwan Song; Doo-Young Kim; Soyeun Woo; Hyeong Kyu Lee; Sei-Ryang Oh , 2013
2 Discrimination of cultivars and cultivation origins from the sepals of dry persimmon using FT-IR spectroscopy combined with multivariate analysis / Suel Hye Hur; Suk Weon Kim; B W Min , 2015
3 Establishment of rapid discrimination system of leguminous plants at metabolic level using FT-IR spectroscopy with multivariate analysis / Seung Yeob Song; T J Ha; K C Jang; I J Kim; Suk Weon Kim , 2012
4 Fingerprinting differentiation of Astragalus membranaceus roots according to ages using 1H-NMR spectroscopy and multivariate statistical analysis / Y S Shin; K H Bang; D S In; J S Sung; S Y Kim; B C Ku; Suk Weon Kim; D Lee; H K Choi , 2009
5 Genetic discrimination of Catharanthus roseus cultivars by pyrolysis mass spectrometry / Suk Weon Kim; Jong Hyun Kim; Jang Ryol Liu , 2009
6 Metabolic comparison between standard medicinal parts and their adventitious roots of Cynanchum wilfordii (Maxim.) Hemsl. using FT-IR spectroscopy after IBA and elicitor treatment / Myung-Suk Ahn; Eun Jin So; Eun Yee Jie; So Yean Choi; S U Park; B C Moon; Y M Kang; Sung Ran Min; Suk Weon Kim , 2018
7 Morphogenetical survey of wild mice captured from Anmyon-up and Kumi city / Jun Gyo Suh; Sun Gil Do; Chung Seop Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Seung Hun Oh; Hyun Jin Kim; Gin Bong Kim; Je Kyung Seong; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Seok Oh , 2000
8 Morphogenetical survey and distribution of the Fv4r Gene in Korean wild mice / Jun Gyo Suh; Sun Gil Do; Chung Sup Kim; Je Kyung Seong; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Seok Oh , 1999
9 Morphogenetical characteristics of Korean wild rat / Je Kyung Seong; Young Min Yun; Ji Young Park; Seung Hyun Oh; Seon Gil Do; Hee Kyung Jin; Byung Hwa Hyun; Jun Gyo Suh; Yang Seok Oh , 1999
10 Principal component analysis and discriminant analysis (PCA-DA) for discriminating profiles of terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) in soil bacterial communities / S Park; Y K Ku; M J Seo; Do Young Kim; J E Yeon; K M Lee; Soon Chun Jeong; Woon Kee Yoon; C H Harn; Hwan Mook Kim , 2006
11 A rapid, simple method for the genetic discrimination of intact Arabidopsis thaliana mutant seeds using metabolic profiling by direct analysis in real-time mass spectrometry / Suk Weon Kim; H J Kim; Jong Hyun Kim; Y K Kwon; M S Ahn; Y P Jang; Jang Ryol Liu , 2011  
12 Rapid comparison of metabolic equivalence of standard medicinal parts from medicinal plants and their in vitro-generated adventitious roots using FT-IR spectroscopy / Myung-Suk Ahn; Sung Ran Min; Eun-Yee Jie; Eun Jin So; So Yean Choi; B C Moon; Y M Kang; S Y Park; Suk Weon Kim , 2015
13 Rapid discrimination system of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa) at metabolic level using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) based on multivariate analysis / Myung-Suk Ahn; C J Lim; S Y Song; Sung Ran Min; I H Lee; I S Nou; Suk Weon Kim , 2016
14 Rapid metabolic discrimination between Zoysia japonica and Zoysia sinica based on multivariate analysis of FT-IR spectroscopy / D H Yang; Myung-Suk Ahn; O C Jeong; In Ja Song; S M Ko; Ye In Jeon; H G Kang; H J Sun; Y I Kwon; Suk Weon Kim; H Y Lee , 2016
15 Simultaneous estimation of fatty acids contents from soybean seeds using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography by multivariate analysis / Myung Suk Ahn; Eun Yee Jie; S Y Song; J W Ahn; Won Joong Jeong; Sung Ran Min; Suk Weon Kim , 2015


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