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1 Effects of retroviral-mediated Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase gene transfer to murine neuroblastoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo / Hyun Sang Cho; Young Nyun Park; Chuhl Joo Lyu; Chang Hyun Yang; Ki Yang Ryoo; Byung Soo Kim; Kir Young Kim; Yeon Soo Kim , 1999
2 Expression of the functional recombinant interleukin-16 in E. coli and mammalian cell lines / Seon-Young Kim; Chang Hun Lee; Kyung Joo Kim; Yeon Soo Kim , 2001
3 Gene expression of neuroD/BETA2 during development of the mouse central nervous system / Jang Hyeon Cho; Woo Sup Hwang; Yeon Soo Kim; Young Don Lee; Hae Young Suh-Kim , 2000
4 The human elongation factor 1 alpha (EF-1α) first intron highly enhances expression of foreign genes from the murine cytomegalovirus promoter / Seon-Young Kim; Jae Ho Lee; Hyun Seock Shin; Hye Ja Kang; Yeon Soo Kim , 2002
5 Overexpression of BETA2/neuroD induces neurite outgrowth in F11 neuroblastoma cells / Jang Hyeon Cho; Il Sun Kwon; So Yeon Kim; Sung Ho Ghil; Ming Jer Tsai; Yeon Soo Kim; Young Don Lee; Hae Young Suh-Kim , 2001
6 Phylogenetic analysis of hepatitis B virus genome isolated from Korean patient serum / Seon-Young Kim; Hyen Sam Kang; Yeon Soo Kim , 2000
7 Production of high-titer retroviral vectors and detection of replication-competent retroviruses / Yeon Soo Kim; H K Lim; K J Kim , 1998
8 Transduction effect of antisense K-ras on malignant phenotypes in gastric cancer cells / Jae J Song; Heui Ran Lee; Eun Hee Kim; Yeon Soo Kim; Nae C Yoo; Jae K Roh; Byung S Kim; Joo Hang Kim , 2000


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