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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Anti-complement activity of constituents from the stem-bark of Juglans mandshurica / Byung Sun Min; Sun Young Lee; Jung Hee Kim; Joong Ku Lee; Tae Jin Kim; D H Kim; Y H Kim; Hyouk Joung; Hyeong Kyu Lee; N Nakamura; H Miyashiro; M Hattori , 2003  
2 Evolution of endemic vascular plants of Ulleungdo and Dokdo in Korea : floristic and cytotaxonomic characteristics of vascular flora of Dokdo / B Y Sun; M R Sul; J A Im; C H Kim; Tae Jin Kim , 2002
3 High frequency somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in petiole and leaf explant cultures and petiole-derived embryogenic cell suspension cultures of Hylomecon vernalis / Suk Weon Kim; D S In; Tae Jin Kim; Jang Ryol Liu , 2003
4 Isolation and anticomplement activity of compounds from Dendropanax morbifera / Bo Young Park; Byung Sun Min; Sei Ryang Oh; Jung Hee Kim; Tae Jin Kim; D H Kim; K H Bae; Hyeong Kyu Lee , 2004
5 Lactones from the leaves of Litsea japonica and their anti-complement activity / Byung Sun Min; Sun Young Lee; Jung Hee Kim; Ok Kyoung Kwon; Bo Young Park; Ren Bo An; Joongku Lee; Hyung In Moon; Tae Jin Kim; Y H Kim; Hyouk Joung; Hyeong Kyu Lee , 2003
6 Palynology and cytotaxonomy of the genus Abelia s. l., caprifoliaceae / Tae Jin Kim; Byung Yun Sun; Young Bae Seu , 2001
7 Systematics of Ostericum(Apiaceae) in Korea / Byung Yun Sun; Tae Jin Kim; Sang Tae Kim; Young Bae Seu; Chul Hwan Kim , 2000
8 Taxonomic identities of some endemic Korean vascular plants / Chul Hwan Kim; Tae Jin Kim; Byung Yun Sun , 2000
9 한국산 거머리말속(Zostera, Zosteraceae)의 생태 및 분류학적 특성에 관한 연구 I : 포기거머리말( Zostera caespitosa miki)의 서식 환경과 형태적인 특징 / Sang Yong Lee; Tae Jin Kim; Seung Heo; Chung Il Choi , 2001


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