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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 The atom of evolution / Jong Bhak; D Bolser; D Park; Y Cho; K Yoon; S Lee; S Gong; InSoo Jang; C Park; M Huston; H Choi , 2004
2 Development of antibiotics marker-free potato having resistance against two herbicides / Y L Fang; J S Kim; S Gong; H S Mo; S K Min; Suk Yoon Kwon; K H Li; H T Lim , 2007
3 MetaBaase : the wiki-database of biological databases / D M Bolser; P Y Chibon; N Palopoli; S Gong; D Jacob; V D D Angel; D Swan; S Bassi; V Gonzalez; P Suravajhala; Seungwoo Hwang; P Romano; R Edwards; B Bishop; J Eargle; T Shtatland; N J Provart; D Clements; D P Renfro; D Bhak; J Bhak , 2012  
4 Mitointeractome: Mitochondrial protein interactome database, and its application in 'aging network' analysis / R Reja; A J Venkatakrishnan; J Lee; B C Kim; J W Ryu; S Gong; Jong Hwa Park; D Park , 2009  
5 PSIbase: a database of Protein Structural Interactome map (PSIMAP) / S Gong; G Yoon; Insoo Jang; D Bolser; P Dafas; M Schroeder; H Choi; Y Cho; K Han; Sung Hoon Lee; M Lappe; L Holm; Sangsoo Kim; D Oh; Jong Bhak , 2005


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