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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 The 2nd DBCLS BioHackathon: interoperable bioinformatics Web services for integrated applications / T Katayama; M D Wilkinson; R Vos; T Kawashima; S Kawashima; M Nakao; Y Yamamoto; H W Chun; A Yamaguchi; S Kawano; J Aerts; K F Aoki-Kinoshita; K Arakawa; B Aranda; R J P Bonnal; J M Fernandez; T Fujisawa; P M K Gordon; N Goto; S Haider; T Harris; T Hatakeyama; I Ho; M Itoh; A Kasprzyk; N Kido; Young Joo Kim; T Takagi , 2011  
2 The 3rd DBCLS BioHackathon: improving life science data integration with semantic web technologies / T Katayama; M D Wilkinson; G Micklem; S Kawashima; A Yamaguchi; M Nakao; Y Yamamoto; S Okamoto; K Oouchida; H W Chun; J Aerts; H Afzal; E Antezana; K Arakawa; B Aranda; F Belleau; J Bolleman; R J P Bonnal; B Chapman; P J A Cock; Young Joo Kim; T Takagi , 2013  
3 AsiDesigner: exon-based siRNA design server considering alternative splicing / Young-Kyu Park; Seong Min Park; Y C Choi; D Lee; Mi Sun Won; Young Joo Kim , 2008  
4 Association of tumor necrosis factor polymorphisms with asthma and serum total IgE / H D Shin; B L Park; L H Kim; J H Jung; H J Wang; Young Joo Kim; H S Park; S J Hong; B W Choi; D J Kim; C S Park , 2004
5 Association of uncoupling protein-1 haplotypes with body fat area / Young Joo Kim; My Young Cheong; M H Cha; S M Choi; J Y Kim; K S Kim; S U Shin; Young-Kyu Park; H J Kim; S H Suh; Y Yoon , 2009
6 Association of the Adiponectin gene variations with risk of ischemic stroke in a Korean population / M Y Cheong; O S Bang; M H Cha; Young-Kyu Park; Seung Ho Kim; Young Joo Kim , 2011
7 Bioinformatics in the post-genome era / Ungsik Yu; Sung Hoon Lee; Young Joo Kim; Sang Soo Kim , 2004
8 Changes of CGRP- and VIP-containing nerve fibers in the pancreas of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat / Young Joo Kim; Moo Ho Won; Jun Gyo Suh; Je Kyung Seong; Joon Sup Lee; Hwan Mook Kim; Yang Soek Oh , 1998
9 Chemical modification of siRNAs to improve serum stability without loss of efficacy / S Choung; Young Joo Kim; S Kim; H O Park; Y C Choi , 2006
10 Chromosome 22 LD map comparison between Korean and other populations / J E Lee; H Y Jang; S Kim; Y K Yoo; J J Hwang; H Jun; K Lee; O Son; J M Yang; K S Ahn; E Kim; H W Lee; K Song; H L Kim; S G Lee; Y Yoon; K Kimm; B G Han; B Oh; C B Kim; Hoon Jin; K O Choi; H Kang; Young Joo Kim , 2008
11 Common variants in mendelian kidney disease genes and their association with renal function / A Parsa; C Fuchsberger; A Kottgen; C M O'Seaghdha; C Pattaro; M Andrade; D I Chasman; A Teumer; K Endlich; M Olden; M H Chen; A Tin; Young Joo Kim; D Taliun; M Li; M Feitosa; M Gorski; Q Yang; C Hundertmark; M C Foster; N Glazer; A Isaacs; M Rao; A V Smith; C A Boger , 2013
12 Comparative study of the linkage disequilibrium of an ENCODE region, chromosome 7p15, in Korean, Japanese, and Han Chinese samples / J Lim; Young Joo Kim; Y Yoon; S O Kim; Hyojin Kang; Jungsun Park; A Reum Han; B Han; B Oh; K Kimm; B Yoon; K Song , 2006
13 Computational siRNA design considering alternative splicing / Young Joo Kim , 2010
14 Current status of bioinformation standardization in genomics / Young Joo Kim; Jihyun Kim; Tae Hyung Kim; Park Hwa Yong; S J Yoon; ByungUk Lee; S H Lee; J S Jung; Y P Lim , 2006
15 D2GSNP: a web server for the selection of single nucleotide polymorphisms within human disease genes / H J Kang; Taehui Hong; Won-Hyong Chung; Younguk Kim; Jinhee Jung; Sohyun Hwang; Areum Han; Young Joo Kim , 2006
16 Development of KHapmap browser using DAS for korean HapMap research / Hun Jin; Seung Ho Kim; Young Uk Kim; Young-Kyu Park; Mihyun Ji; Young Joo Kim , 2008
17 DNA damage-induced apoptosis suppressor (DDIAS), a novel target of NFATc1, is associated with cisplatin resistance in lung cancer / Joo-Young Im; K W Lee; Kyoung Jae Won; Bo Kyung Kim; Hyun Seung Ban; Sung Hoon Yoon; Young-Ju Lee; Young Joo Kim; K B Song; Mi Sun Won , 2016
18 Dual knockdown of p65 and p50 subunits of NF-kappaB by siRNA inhibits the induction of inflammatory cytokines and significantly enhance apoptosis in human primary synoviocytes treated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha / U J Lee; S R Choung; K V B Prakash; E J Lee; M Y Lee; Young Joo Kim; C W Han; Y C Choi , 2008
19 Effects of impurity (N2) on thermo-solutal convection during the physical vapor transport processes of mercurous chloride / G T Kim; Young Joo Kim , 2010
20 FESD: a functional element SNPs database in human / Hyo Jin Kang; Kyoung Oak Choi; B D Kim; Sang Soo Kim; Young Joo Kim , 2005  


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