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1 Anti-inflammatory effects of ethanol extract from the leaves and shoots of Cedrela odorata L. in cytokine-stimulated keratinocytes / Han-Sol Lee; Ji Won Park; Ok-Kyoung Kwon; Yourim Lim; Jung Hee Kim; Soo Yong Kim; N Zamora; K Rosales; Sangho Choi; Sei-Ryang Oh; Kyung Seop Ahn , 2019
2 Capsicum annuum dehydrin, an osmotic-stress gene in hot pepper plants / Eun Sook Chung; Soo Yong Kim; So Young Yi; Do Il Choi , 2003
3 The chili pepper CaATL1: an AT-hook motif-containing transcription factor implicated in defence responses against pathogens / Soo Yong Kim; Y C Kim; E S Seong; Y H Lee; Jeong Mee Park; D Choi , 2007
4 Enrichment of genomic resources and identification of simple sequence repeats from medicinally important Clausena excavata / Doo Young Bae; Sang Mi Eum; Sang Woo Lee; Jin Hyub Paik; Soo Yong Kim; Mihyeon Park; Changyoung Lee; T B Tran; V H Do; J Y Heo; E S Seong; I S Kim; K Y Choi; J S Hong; R V Ramekar; Choi Sangho; J K Na , 2018  
5 EST and microarray analyses of pathogen-responsive genes in hot pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) non-host resistance against soybean pustule pathogen ( Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines) / Sanghyeob Lee; Soo Yong Kim; Eun Joo Chung; Young Hee Joung; H S Pai; Cheol-Goo Hur; Doil Choi , 2004
6 Ethnobotanical study on medicinal plants used by local Van Kieu ethnic people of Bac Huong Hoa nature reserve, Vietnam / Changyoung Lee; Soo Yong Kim; Sang Mi Eum; Jin Hyub Paik; T T Bach; A M Darshetkar; R K Choudhary; D V Hai; B H Quang; N T Thanh; Sangho Choi , 2019
7 Genetic diversity assessment of Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C. Jeffrey from India using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA / M A Ali; F M A Al-Hemaid; Joongku Lee; R K Choudhary; N A Al-Harbi; Soo Yong Kim , 2011  
8 Identification of a CaRAV1 possessing an AP2/ERF and B3 DNA-binding domain from pepper leaves infected with Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines 8ra by differential display / Soo Yong Kim; Young-Cheol Kim; Jeong Hee Lee; Sang-Keun Oh; Eunsook Chung; Sanghyeob Lee; Y H Lee; Doil Choi; Jeong Mee Park , 2005
9 Molecular characterization of a pepper C2 domain-containing SRC2 protein implicated in resistance against host and non-host pathogens and abiotic stresses / Young-Cheol Kim; Soo-Yong Kim; D Choi; Choong-Min Ryu; Jeong Mee Park , 2008
10 Molecular phylogenetic relationships among members of the family Phytolaccaceae sensu lato inferred from internal transcribed spacer sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA / Joongku Lee; Soo Yong Kim; Sang-Hong Park; M A Ali , 2013
11 Molecular phylogenetic study of Cardamine amaraeformis Nakai using nuclear and chloroplast DNA markers / M A Ali; Joongku Lee; Soo Yong Kim; F M A Al-Hemaid , 2012
12 Molecular evolutionary relationships of Euphorbia Scordifolia Jacq. within the genus inferred from analysis of internal transcribed spacer sequences / FM A Al-Hemaid; M A Ali; J Lee; Soo Yong Kim; M O Rahman , 2015
13 Molecular phylogenetic analyses of internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA indicate monophyly of the genus Phytolacca L. (Phytolaccaceae) / M A Ali; Joongku Lee; Soo Yong Kim; Sang-Hong Park; F M A Al-Hemaid , 2015
14 A new species of Hydrocotyle L. (Araliaceae) from India / S Karuppusamy; M A Ali; K M Rajasekaran; Joongku Lee; Soo Yong Kim; A K Pandey; M A Al-Hemaid , 2014
15 A new species of Quararibea (Malvaceae) from Costa Rica / N A Zamora; A Cascante-Marin; Sangho Choi; Soo Yong Kim , 2017
16 A plant EPF-type zinc-finger protein, CaPIF1, involved in defence against pathogens / Sang-Keun Oh; Jeong Mee Park; Young Hee Joung; Sanghyeob Lee; Eunsook Chung; Soo Yong Kim; S H Yu; Doil Choi , 2005
17 Status of Reseda pentagyna abdallah & A.G. Miller (resedaceae) inferred from combined nuclear ribosomal and chloroplast sequence data / M A Ali; F M Al-Hemaid; R K Choudhary; Joongku Lee; Soo Yong Kim; M A Rub , 2013
18 Target fishing of glycopentalone using integrated inverse docking and reverse pharmacophore mapping approach / A B Gurung; M A Ali; A Bhattacharjee; K M Al-Anazi; M A Farah; F M Al-Hemaid; F M Abou-Tarboush; J Lee; Soo Yong Kim; F S M Al-Anazi , 2016
19 Transcriptome analysis and development of SSR markers of ethnobotanical plant Sterculia lanceolata / Sang Mi Eum; Soo Yong Kim; J S Hong; N S Roy; Choi Sangho; Jin Hyub Paik; Sang Woo Lee; T B Tran; V H Do; K S Kim; E S Seong; K C Park; C Y Yu; S H Eom; K Y Choi; J H Kim; J K Na , 2019
20 Tussilago farfara L. augments TRAIL-induced apoptosis through MKK7/JNK activation by inhibition of MKK7-TIPRL in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells / Hyo Jung Lee; Hyun Soo Cho; Soo Young Jun; Jeong Ju Lee; Ji Yong Yoon; Jae Hye Lee; Hyuk-Hwan Song; Sangho Choi; Soo Yong Kim; V Saloura; C G Park; Nam-Soon Kim , 2014


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