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1 Characterization of phase I and phase II hepatic metabolism and reactive intermediates of Larrea nitida Cav. and its lignan compounds / H Jeong; S Kim; J Lee; J Y Park; W Zhou; X Liu; S D Kim; Y S Song; C Y Jang; Sei-Ryang Oh; Sangho Choi; M Chang , 2017
2 Estrogenic effects of phytoestrogens derived from Flemingia strobilifera in MCF-7 cells and immature rats / S Y Jeong; M Chang; Sang-ho Choi; Sei-Ryang Oh; H W Wu; Y Zhu; X M Gao; X Wang; B Zhang; D S Lim; J Y Lee; S D Kim; Y S Song , 2018
3 The mechanism of anti-platelet activity of davallialactone: Involvement of intracellular calcium ions, extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase / S D Kim; In Kyoung Lee; W M Lee; J Y Cho; H J Park; J W Oh; S C Park; S K Kim; Y S Kwak; Bong Sik Yun; M H Rhee , 2008
4 New soluble polyamides and polyimides containing polar functional groups: pendent pyrazole rings with amino and cyano groups / S D Kim; S Lee; H S Lee; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2016
5 Poly(amide-imide) materials for transparent and flexible displays / S D Kim; B Lee; T Byun; Im Sik Chung; I Shin; N Y Ahn; M Seo; Y Lee; Y Kim; W Y Kim; H Kwon; H Moon; S Yoo; S Y Kim , 2018
6 Poly(arylene ether)s with low refractive indices: poly(biphenylene oxide)s with trifluoromethyl pendant groups via a meta-activated nitro displacement reaction / S D Kim; D Ka; Im Sik Chung; S Y Kim , 2012
7 Rigid-rod polyamides from 3,3’-bis(trifluoromethyl)-4,4’-diamino-1,1’-biphenyl / S D Kim; T Byun; B Lee; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2015
8 Soluble and transparent polyimides from unsymmetrical diamine containing two trifluoromethyl groups / S D Kim; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2013
9 Soluble para-linked aromatic polyamides with pendent groups / B Lee; T Byun; S D Kim; H A Kang; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2015
10 Soluble polyimides with trifluoromethyl pendent groups / S D Kim; S Lee; J Heo; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2013
11 Unprecedented lower critical solution temperature behavior of polyimides in organic media / S D Kim; S Y Kim; Im Sik Chung , 2014


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