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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 An anti-viral peptide derived from the preS1 surface protein of hepatitis B virus / D H Kim; Y Ni; Si Hyung Lee; S Urban; Kyou Hoon Han , 2008
2 Backbone resonance assignment of a proteolysis-resistant fragment in the oxygen-dependent degradation domain of the hypoxia inducible factor 1alpha / D H Kim; Si-Hyung Lee; Seung-Wook Chi; Ki Hoon Nam; Kyou Hoon Han , 2009
3 Biophysical characterization of the structural change of Nopp140, an intrinsically disordered protein, in the interaction with CK2α / J H Na; W K Lee; Y Kim; C Jeong; S S Song; S S Cha; Kyou Hoon Han; Y K Shin; Y G Yu , 2016
4 Broadly neutralizing anti-hepatitis B virus antibody reveals a complementarity determining region H3 lid-opening mechanism / Seung-Wook Chi; C Y Maeng; Seung Jun Kim; M S Oh; C J Ryu; Sang Jick Kim; Kyou Hoon Han; Hyo Jeong Hong; Seong Eon Ryu , 2007
5 Contribution of proline to the pre-structuring tendency of transient helical secondary structure elements in intrinsically disordered proteins / Chewook Lee; L Kalmar; B Xue; P Tompa; G W Daughdrill; V N Uversky; Kyou Hoon Han , 2014
6 Cooperative folding kinetics of BBL protein and peripheral subunit-binding domain homologues / W Yu; K Chung; M Cheon; M Heo; Kyou Hoon Han; S Ham; I Chang , 2008
7 Determination of the three-dimensional structure of hordothionin-α by nuclear magnetic resonance / Kyou Hoon Han; Kyu Hwan Park; Hyun-Ju Yoo; Hoon Cha; Se WON Suh; F Thomas; Tae-Sung Moon; Seung Moak Kim , 1996
8 Determination of the composition of a tetrasaccharide isolated from glycosylated barley β-amylase isozyme using nuclear magnetic resonance / Kyou Hoon Han; Chul Ho Kim; Dong Ho Choung; Kyu Hwan Park; Dae Sil Lee , 1993
9 Discrete molecular dynamics can predict helical prestructured motifs in disordered proteins / D Szollosi; T Horvath; Kyou Hoon Han; N V Dokholyan; P Tompa; L Kalmar; T Hegedus , 2014  
10 Distinct hydration properties of wild-type and familial point mutant A53T of α-synuclein associated with Parkinson's disease / E Hazy; M Bokor; L Kalmar; A Gelencser; P Kamasa; Kyou Hoon Han; K Tompa; P Tompa , 2011
11 Effect of a point mutation in the gp41 (583-599) region of HIV-1 : structural investigation by nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular modelling / Kyou Hoon Han; Seung Moak Kim; Dong Ho Choung; Kyu Hwan Park; Tae-Sung Moon; Dong-Yeon Chae; Soo-Kyung Kim; Hyun-Ju Yoo , 1994
12 The functional and structural characterization of a novel oncogene GIG47 involved in the breast tumorigenesis / Kyou Hoon Han; Si Hyoung Lee; S A Ha; H K Kim; Chewook Lee; Do Hyoung Kim; K H Gong; J Yoo; S Kim; J W Kim , 2012  
13 A helix-induced oligomeric transition of gaegurin 4, an antimicrobial peptide isolated from a Korean frog / S Y Eun; H K Jang; S K Han; P D Ryu; B J Lee; Kyou Hoon Han; S J Kim , 2006
14 Intrinsic disorder in cell signaling and gene transcription / A Tantos; Kyou Hoon Han; P Tompa , 2012
15 Intrinsically disordered proteins / P Tompa; Kyou Hoon Han , 2012  
16 Intrinsically disordered linkers impart processivity on enzymes by spatial confinement of binding domains / B Szabo; T Horvath; E Schad; N Murvai; A Tantos; L Kalmar; L B Chemes; Kyou Hoon Han; P Tompa , 2019
17 KRIBB-BP005m: A new inhibitor of cholesteryl ester transfer protein(CETP) produced from trichothecium roseum F1064 / Byoung-Mog Kwon; Ji Youn Nam; 이승호; Tae Sook Jeong; Sung Uk Kim; Kwang Hee Son; Young Kook Kim; Kyou Hoon Han; Soo-Kyung Kim; Song Hae Bok , 1995
18 Local structural elements in the mostly unstructured transcriptional activation domain of human p53 / Hyun Lee; K Hun Mok; Ranjith Muhandiram; Kyu Hwan Park; Jae Eun Suk; Do Hyung Kim; Jun Chang; Young Chul Sung; Kwan Yong Choi; Kyou Hoon Han , 2000
19 The mechanism of p53 rescue by SUSP4 / Do-Hyoung Kim; Chewook Lee; Si-Hyung Lee; K T Kim; J J Han; Eun Ji Cha; Ji Eun Lim; Ye-Jin Cho; S H Hong; Kyou Hoon Han , 2017
20 Mitoxantrone binds to Nopp140, an intrinsically unstructured protein,and modulate its interaction with protein kinase CK2 / W K Lee; S Y Lee; J H Na; S Jang; C R Park; S Y Kim; Si Hyoung Lee; Kyou Hoon Han; Y G Yu , 2012


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