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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Algorithm for predicting functionally equivalent proteins from BLAST and HMMER searches / Dong Su Yu; Dae Hee Lee; Seong Keun Kim; C H Lee; J Y Song; E B Kong; Jihyun Kim , 2012
2 Analysis of trans-splicing transcripts in embryonic stem cell / H S Ha; Jae Won Huh; Dae Soo Kim; S J Park; J H Bae; K Ahn; S E Yun; H S Kim , 2009
3 Bidirectional retroviral integration site PCR methodology and quantitative data analysis workflow / G W Suryawanshi; S Xu; Y Xie; T Chou; Namshin Kim; I S Y Chen; S Kim , 2017
4 BioCC: an openfree hypertext bio community cluster for biology / Sungsam Gong; Tae Hyung Kim; Jung Soo Oh; Jekeun Kwon; Soo An Cho; D Bolser; Jong Hwa Park , 2006
5 Bioinformatics in the post-genome era / Ungsik Yu; Sung Hoon Lee; Young Joo Kim; Sang Soo Kim , 2004
6 Bioinformatic analysis of TE-spliced new exons within human, mouse and zebrafish genomes / Dae Soo Kim; Jae Won Huh; Young Hyun Kim; Sang Je Park; H S Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2010
7 Bioinformatic analysis of regulation of natural antisense transcripts by transposable elements in human mRNA / Jaeeun Jung; Sugi Lee; Hyun Soo Cho; Kunhyang Park; Jea Woon Ryu; Minah Jung; Jeongkil Kim; Hyeran Kim; Dae Soo Kim , 2019
8 BioSubroutine: an open web server for bioinformatics algorithms and subroutines / J Lee; H Kim; W Lee; D Chung; Jong Bhak , 2005
9 CACG: A database for comparative analysis of conjoined genes / Dae Soo Kim; Dong-Wook Kim; M Y Kim; S H Nam; Sang-Haeng Choi; Ryong Nam Kim; Aram Kang; Aeri Kim; Hong-Seog Park , 2012
10 CFGP: A web-based, comparative fungal genomics platform / J Park; B Park; K Jung; S Jang; K Yu; J Choi; S Kong; S Kim; H Kim; Jihyun Kim; J E Blair; K Lee; S Kang; Y H Lee , 2008  
11 CONSORF: a consensus prediction system for prokaryotic coding sequences / Sung Soo Kang; Sung-Jin Yang; S Kim; Jong Bhak , 2007
12 Dynamic evolution of tRNAThr-derived HpaI SINEs and effect on genomes of Oncorhynchus species / Jae Won Huh; Dae Soo Kim; Y N Noh; S J Park; H S Ha; C G Kim; Y H Lee; C K Kang; Kyu Tae Chang; H S Kim , 2009
13 Functional annotation and analysis of Korean patented biological sequences using bioinformatics / ByungUk Lee; Tae Hyung Kim; Seon-Kyu Kim; S S Kim; Gee Chan Ryu; Jong Bhak , 2006
14 Functional domain marker (FDM): an in silico demonstration in solanaceae using simple sequence repeats (SSRs) / Hyojung Paik; Choi Jae Pil; Jun-kyoung Choe; Cheol-Goo Hur , 2010
15 Functional impact of transposable elements using bioinformatic analysis and a comparative genomic approach / Dae Soo Kim; Jae Won Huh; Young Hyun Kim; Sang Je Park; Kyu Tae Chang , 2010
16 GoBean: a Java GUI application for visual exploration of GO term enrichments / Sanghyuk Lee; J Y Cha; H Kim; U Yu , 2012
17 HCNet: A database of heart and calcium functional network / S E Hong; S H Rho; Young Il Yeom; D H Kim , 2006
18 Private cloud computing techniques for inter-processing bioinformatics tools / Tae Kyung Kim; Bo Kyeng Hou; W S Cho , 2011
19 Production of useful secondary metabolites in plants : functional genomics approaches / Jang Ryol Liu; D W Choi; H J Chung; S S Woo , 2002
20 Prospects for plant biotechnology and bioindustry in the 21st century : paradigm shift driven by genomics / Jang Ryol Liu; D W Choi; H J Chung , 2002


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