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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Alpha-glucosidase folding during urea denaturation: enzyme kinetics and computational prediction / Z Q Wu; J Wang; Z R Lu; H M Tang; D Park; Sang Ho Oh; J Bhak; L Shi; Y D Park; F Zou , 2010
2 Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-3-chloro-1-phenyl-1-propanol using Saccharomyces cerevisiae reductase with high enantioselectivity / Y H Choi; H J Choi; Doo Il Kim; K N Uhm; H K Kim , 2010
3 Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-ethyl-4-chloro-3-hydroxy butanoate using a Saccharomyces cerevisiae reductase: enantioselectivity and enzyme?substrate docking studies / J Jung; H J Park; K N Uhm; Doo Il Kim; H K Kim , 2010
4 BACE1 inhibition by genistein: biological evaluation, kinetic analysis, and molecular docking simulation / K Youn; J H Park; S Lee; Jinhyuk Lee; E Y Yun; W S Jeong; M Jun , 2018
5 C-met and alk inhibitory constituents from scutellaria baicalensis / Y O Choi; Hyuk-Hwan Song; Y M Kim; N S Kang; S Y Han; Y W Chin , 2015
6 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,3-diphenylbenzo[f][1,7]naphthyrdines / S K Arepalli; B Park; K Lee; H Jo; K Y Jun; Y Kwon; Jong Soon Kang; J K Jung; H Lee , 2017
7 Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel 3/4-((substituted benzamidophenoxy) methyl)-N-hydroxybenzamides/propenamides as histone deacetylase inhibitors and antitumor agents / D T Anh; N T Thuan; P T Hai; L T T Huong; N T K Yen; B W Han; E J Park; Y J Choi; Jong Soon Kang; V T M Hue; S B Han; N H Nam , 2019
8 Development of 13H-benzo[f]chromeno[4,3-b][1,7]naphthyridines and their salts as potent cytotoxic agents and topoisomerase I/IIα inhibitors / S K Arepalli; C Lee; S Sim; K Lee; H Jo; K Y Jun; Y Kwon; Jong Soon Kang; J K Jung; H Lee , 2018
9 Discovery of VHR phosphatase inhibitors with micromolar activity based on structure-based virtual screening / H Park; Suk Kyeong Jung; Dae Gwin Jeong; Seong Eon Ryu; Seung Jun Kim , 2008
10 Discovery of novel PRL-3 inhibitors based on the structure-based virtual screening / H Park; S K Jung; Dae Gwin Jeong; Seong Eon Ryu; Seung Jun Kim , 2008
11 Discovery of novel inhibitors of dual-specificity phosphatase pyst2 with structure-based virtual screening / H Park; J Y Jeon; S E Ryu; Seung Jun Kim , 2011
12 Discovery of novel protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma inhibitors through the virtual screening with modified scoring function / H Park; Hye Seon Lee; Bonsu Ku; Seung Jun Kim , 2014
13 Discovery of novel DUSP4 inhibitors through the virtual screening with docking simulations / H Park; T J Jeon; P N Chien; S Y Park; S M Oh; Seung Jun Kim; S E Ryu , 2014
14 Discovery of polymethoxyflavones from black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) as potential β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitors / K Youn; Jinhyuk Lee; C T Ho; M Jun , 2016
15 Dual BACE1 and cholinesterase inhibitory effects of phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava: an in vitro and in silico study / Jinhyuk Lee; M Jun , 2019
16 The effect of histidine residue modification on tyrosinase activity and conformation: inhibition kinetics and computational prediction / L Gou; Z R Lu; Daeui Park; Sang Ho Oh; L Shi; Sung Jin Park; Jong Hwa Park; Y D Park; Z L Ren; F Zou , 2008
17 The effect of thiobarbituric acid on tyrosinase: inhibition kinetics and computational simulation / S J Yin; Y X Si; Z J Wang; S F Wang; Sangho Oh; Sanghyuk Lee; S M Sim; J M Yang; G Y Qian; Jin Hyuk Lee; Y D Park , 2011
18 The effect of trifluoroethanol on tyrosinase activity and conformation: Inhibition kinetics and computational simulations / Z R Lu; L Shi; J Wang; Dae Ui Park; Jong Hwa Park; J M Yang; Y D Park; H W Zhou; F Zou , 2010
19 Effect of Ba2+ on the activity and structure of α-glucosidase: Inhibition kinetics and molecular dynamics simulation / X Li; Z R Lu; W Wang; X P Han; J M Yang; Y D Park; H M Zhou; Q Sheng; Jinhyuk Lee , 2015
20 The effect of fucoidan on tyrosinase: computational molecular dynamics integrating inhibition kinetics / Z J Wang; Y X Si; Sangho Oh; J M Yang; S J Yin; Y D Park; Jinhyuk Lee; G Y Qian , 2012


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