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1 Bifunctional nanoparticles constructed using one-pot encapsulation of a fluorescent polymer and magnetic (Fe3O4) nanoparticles in a silica shell / Chang-Soo Lee; H H Chang; Pan Kee Bae; Juyeon Jung; Bong Hyun Chung , 2013
2 Bone-targeting carbon dots: effect of nitrogen-doping on binding affinity / Kyung Kwan Lee; Jae-Geun Lee; C S Park; Sun Hyeok Lee; N Raja; H S Yun; Jeong Soo Lee; Chang-Soo Lee , 2019
3 Carboxylic acid-functionalized conducting-polymer nanotubes as highly sensitive nerve-agent chemiresistors / Oh Seok Kwon; Chul Soon Park; Seon Joo Park; S Noh; S Kim; Hye Jeong Kong; J Bae; Chang-Soo Lee; H Yoon , 2016  
4 Cytochrome c assembly on fullerene nanohybrid metal oxide ultrathin films / D H Yang; M J Shin; S M Choi; Chang-Soo Lee; J S Shin , 2016  
5 Design and optimization of an ultra-sensitive hairpin DNA aptasensor for: Salmonella detection / Jayeon Lee; Juyeon Jung; Chang-Soo Lee; Tai Hwan Ha , 2017  
6 Detection of glucose-induced conformational change in hexokinase II using fluorescence complementation assay / Eun-Ju Jeong; Kyoungsook Park; Hyou-Arm Joung; Chang-Soo Lee; D W Seol; Bong Hyun Chung; Moonil Kim , 2007
7 Development of novel microsatellite markers for strain-specific identification of Chlorella vulgaris / B H Jo; Chang Soo Lee; H R Song; Hyung Gwan Lee; Hee-Mock Oh , 2014
8 Effect of a surfactant in microcapsule synthesis on self-healing behavior of capsule embedded polymeric films / Jiyeon Lee; Seon Joo Park; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; S Y Chung; J Shim; Chang-Soo Lee; J Bae , 2018  
9 Effects of photoperiod on nutrient removal, biomass production, and algal-bacterial population dynamics in lab-scale photobioreactors treating municipal wastewater / Chang Soo Lee; Sang Ah Lee; So Ra Ko; Hee-Mock Oh; Chi-Yong Ahn , 2015
10 An electrochemical nano?lm sensor for determination of 1-hydroxypyrene using molecularly imprinted receptors / D H Yang; Chang-Soo Lee; Byung Hoon Jeon; S M Choi; Y D Kim; J S Shin; H Kim , 2017
11 Energy efficient capacitors based on graphene/conducting polymer hybrids / J Bae; J Y Park; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2017
12 Energy effcient graphene based high performance capacitors / Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2017
13 Enhanced immobilization of hexa-arginine-tagged esterase on gold nanoparticles using mixed self-assembled monolayers / Jin- Young Jeong; Chang-Soo Lee; Sang Jeon Chung; Bong Hyun Chung , 2010
14 Fabrication of photo-crosslinkable polymer/silica sol-gel hybrid thin films as versatile barrier films / J Bae; Jiyeon Lee; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2016
15 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles in titanium dioxide/poly(vinyl alcohol) alternate thin films: A nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor application / Beung Hoon Jeon; D H Yang; Y D Kim; J S Shin; Chang-Soo Lee , 2018
16 Facile and oriented antibody immobilization on α-cyclodextrin-modified sensors surfaces / Juyeon Jung; So Yeon Yi; H H Jang; Chang-Soo Lee; Bong Hyun Chung , 2013
17 A facile synthesis of fluorescent silver nanoclusters with human ferritin as a synthetic and interfacing ligand / I H Lee; B Ahn; J M Lee; Chang-Soo Lee; Y Jung , 2015
18 Fast and sensitive near-infrared fluorescent probes for ALP detection and 3d printed calcium phosphate scaffold imaging in vivo / Chul Soon Park; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim; N Raja; H S Yoon; M J Sung; Oh Seok Kwon; H Yoon; Chang-Soo Lee , 2018
19 Fluorescent polydopamine nanoparticles as a probe for zebrafish sensory hair cells targeted in vivo imaging / Kyo Eun Gu; Chul Soon Park; Hyun Ju Cho; Tai Hwan Ha; J Bae; Oh Seok Kwon; Jeong Soo Lee; Chang-Soo Lee , 2018  
20 Functionalization of fullerene nanowhiskers using pyrenebutanoic acid, succinimidyl ester in a aqueous solution / Jinyoung Jeong; S H Lee; N W Song; Chang-Soo Lee; Bong Hyun Chung , 2009


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