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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 CLUSTOM: a novel method for clustering 16S rRNA next generation sequences by overlap minimization / Kyuin Hwang; Jungsu Oh; T K Kim; B K Kim; Dong Su Yu; Bo Kyeng Hou; G Caetano-Anolles; S G Hong; Kyung Mo Kim , 2013  
2 Complete mitochondrial genome of the deep-sea asymmetrical barnacle Altiverruca navicula (Cirripedia, Thoracica, Verrucumorpha) / Se Joo Kim; W K Lee; Bo Kyeng Hou; B K K Chan; S J Ju , 2017  
3 Complete mitochondrial genome of the catophragmid barnacle Catomerus polymerus (Cirripedia, Thoracica, Balanomorpha, Catophragmidae) / B K K Chan; L Aguilar; Bo Kyeng Hou; Hyun Mi Kang; Se Joo Kim , 2018
4 Complete mitochondrial genome of the deep-water epibiotic stalked barnacle, Glyptelasma annandalei (Cirripedia, Lepadiformes, Poecilasmatidae) / R O Kim; B K K Chan; Bo Kyeng Hou; S J Ju; Se Joo Kim , 2019
5 DNA barcoding for the hydrothermal vent crab Austinograea species (Crustacea: Bythograeidae) from the North Fiji Basin, Southwestern Pacific Ocean / Won Kyung Lee; S J Ju; Bo Kyeng Hou; Se Joo Kim , 2019
6 Effect of weight-added regulatory networks on constraint-based metabolic models of Escherichia coli / S G Lee; J H Park; Bo Kyeng Hou; Y H Kim; C M Kim; K S Hwang , 2007
7 Gene sequences clustering for the prediction of functional domain / S I Han; S G Lee; Bo Kyeng Hou; Y S Byun; K S Hwang ,  , 2006
8 Genome-wide analysis of redox reactions reveals metabolic engineering targets for D-lactate overproduction in Escherichia coli / Hyun Ju Kim; Bo Kyeng Hou; S G Lee; Joong Su Kim; D W Lee; Sang Jun Lee , 2013
9 Induction of GD3/α1-adrenergic receptor/transglutaminase 2-mediated erythroid differentiation in chronic myelogenous leukemic K562 cells / S H Ha; S K Kang; H Choi; C H Kwak; F Abekura; J Y Park; K M Kwon; H W Chang; Y C Lee; K T Ha; Bo Kyeng Hou; T W Chung; C H Kim , 2017  
10 Population genetic differentiation of the hydrothermal vent crab Austinograea alayseae (Crustacea: Bythograeidae) in the Southwest Pacific Ocean / Won Kyung Lee; Se Joo Kim; Bo Kyeng Hou; C L V Dover; S J Ju , 2019
11 Private cloud computing techniques for inter-processing bioinformatics tools / Tae Kyung Kim; Bo Kyeng Hou; W S Cho , 2011
12 WebChemDB: An integrated chemical database retrieval system / Bo Kyeng Hou; E J Moon; S C Moon; H Kim , 2009


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