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1 Aberrant methylation of Meg3 in alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout pig induced pluripotent stem cells / D J Kwon; I S Hwang; Hye Rim Kim; Y R Kim; K B Oh; S A Ock; G S Im; Jeong Woong Lee; S Hwang , 2016
2 Adipose-specific expression of mouse Rbp7 gene and its developmental and metabolic changes / J Ahn; Dong-Hwan Kim; Y Suh; Jeong Woong Lee; K Lee , 2018
3 Comparison of ganglioside expression between human adipose- and dental pulp-derived stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts / S H Lee; J S Ryu; Jeong Woong Lee; D H Kwak; K Ko; Y K Choo , 2010
4 Construction of a dual-fluorescence reporter system to monitor the dynamic progression of pluripotent cell differentiation / W S Sun; J L Chun; J T Do; Dong Hwan Kim; Jin Seop Ahn; M K Kim; I S Hwang; D J Kwon; S S Hwang; Jeong Woong Lee , 2016  
5 Developmental characteristics of SCNT pig embryos knocked-out of Alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase gene / J H Shin; M R Park; B C Yang; Y G Ko; K B Oh; Jeong Woong Lee; J S Woo; E W Park; S B Park; S Hwang , 2009
6 Differential regulation of TLE3 in sertoli cells of the testes during postnatal development / S Lee; Hoon Jang; S Moon; O H Lee; J Lee; C Park; D W Seol; H Song; K Hong; J H Kim; S J Uhm; D R Lee; Jeong Woong Lee; Y Choi , 2019
7 Distinct enhancer activity of Oct4 in naive and primed mouse pluripotency / H W Choi; J Y Joo; Y J Hong; J S Kim; H Song; Jeong Woong Lee; G Wu; H R Scholer; J T Do , 2016  
8 Ectopic overexpression of porcine Myh1 increased in slow muscle fibers and enhanced endurance exercise in transgenic mice / Jin Seop Ahn; Dong-Hwan Kim; H B Park; S H Han; S Hwang; I C Cho; Jeong Woong Lee , 2018
9 Effect of porcine follicular fluid on donor cell characteristics and quality of porcine cloned blastocysts / D J Kwon; K B Oh; S A Ock; Jeong Woong Lee; S S Lee; J K Park; W K Chang; S Hwang , 2012
10 Enforced expression of roquin protein in T cells exacerbates the incidence and severity of experimental arthritis / Y R Ji; H J Kim; D H Yu; K B Bae; S J Park; J K Yi; N Kim; K B Oh; S S Hwang; S Lee; S H Kim; M O Kim; Jeong Woong Lee; Z Y Ryoo , 2012
11 ER stress-inducible ATF3 suppresses BMP2-induced ALP expression and activation in MC3T3-E1 cells / Jae Kyung Park; Hoon Jang; S Hwang; E J Kim; Dong Ern Kim; K B Oh; D J Kwon; J T Koh; K Kimura; H Inoue; W G Jang; Jeong Woong Lee , 2014
12 Estrogenic activity produced by aqueous extracts of silkworm (Bombyx mori) pupae in ovariectomized rats / H J Yang; Jeong Woong Lee; S H Lee; J S Ryu; D H Kwak; K S Nam; Y I Park; Y C Lee; K Y Jung; Y K Choo , 2010
13 Fine mapping of the circling(cir) gene on the distal portion of mouse chromosome 9 / K I Cho; Jeong Woong Lee; K S Kim; E J Lee; J G Suh; H J Lee; H T Kim; S H Hong; W H Chung; Kyu Tae Chang; Byung Hwa Hyun; Y S Oh; Z Y Ryoo , 2003
14 Gangliosides are involved in neural differentiation of human dental pulp-derived stem cells / J S Ryu; K Ko; Jeong Woong Lee; S B Park; S J Byun; E J Jeong; Y K Choo , 2009
15 Ganglioside GM1 influences the proliferation rate of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells / J S Ryu; Kyu Tae Chang; J T Lee; M U Lim; H K Min; Y J Na; S B Lee; G Moussavou; Sun-Uk Kim; Ji Su Kim; K Ko; K A Hwang; E J Jeong; Jeong Woong Lee; Y K Choo , 2012
16 Generation of leukemia inhibitory factor-dependent induced pluripotent stem cells from the Massachusetts general hospital miniature pig / D J Kwon; H Jeon; K B Oh; S A Ock; G S Im; S S Lee; S K Im; Jeong Woong Lee; S J Oh; J K Park; S Hwang , 2013  
17 Generation of a-1,3-galactosyltransferase knocked-out transgenic cloned pigs with knocked-in ?ve human genes / D J Kwon; Dong-Hwan Kim; I S Hwang; Dong-Ern Kim; Hyung-Joo Kim; Jang Seong Kim; K Lee; G S Im; Jeong Woong Lee; S Hwang , 2017
18 Hyperexpression of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase-III in liver tissues of transgenic mice causes fatty body and obesity through severe accumulation of Apo A-I and Apo B / Jeong Woong Lee; Eun Young Song; T W Chung; S K Kang; K S Kim; T H Chung; Young Il Yeom; C H Kim , 2004
19 Identification of endothelial specific region in the intracellular adhesion molecule-2 (ICAM2) promoter of miniature pig / Hoon Jang; Won-Gu Jang; Dong Un Kim; Eun Jung Kim; S S Hwang; K B Oh; Jeong Woong Lee , 2012
20 Improved survival and developmental rates in vitrified-warmed pig oocytes after recovery culture with coenzyme Q10 / I S Hwang; D J Kwon; T W Kwak; Jeong Woong Lee; G S Im; S Hwang , 2016


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