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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
161 Nano-Fenton reactors as a new class of oxidative stress amplifying anticancer therapeutic agents / B Kwon; E Han; W Yang; W Cho; W Yoo; J Hwang; Byoung-Mog Kwon; D Lee , 2016
162 Natural and synthetic analogues of actinomycin D as Grb2-SH2 domain blockers / Hyae Kyeong Kim; Ji Youn Nam; Mi Young Han; Kwang Hee Son; Jung Do Choi; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Hana L Takusagawa; Yafei Huang; Fusao Takusagawa , 2000
163 The natural compound cantharidin induces cancer cell death through inhibition of heat shock protein 70 and Bcl-2-associated athanogene domain 3 expression by blocking heat shock factor 1 binding to promoters / Joo Ae Kim; Youngmi Kim; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Dong Cho Han , 2013
164 Natural flavone Jasceosidin is a neuroinflammation inhibitor / Y Nam; M Choi; H Hwang; M G Lee; Byoung-Mog Kwon; W H Lee; K Suk , 2013
165 Negative regulation of yy1 transcription factor on the dynamin i gene promoter / Ji Yun Yoo; Moon Jin Jeong; Sang Seop Lee; Kyung Im Lee; Byoung Mog Kwon; Young Mee Park; Mi Young Han , 2001
166 The Neuron Restrictive Silencer Factor Can Act as an Activator for Dynamin I Gene Promoter Activity in Neuronal Cells / Ji Yun Yoo; Moon Jin Jeong; Sang Seop Lee; Kyung Im Lee; Byoung Mog Kwon; Dong Sun Kim; Young Mee Park; Mi Young Han , 2001
167 New sesquiterpene-monoterpene lactone, artemisolide, isolated from Artemisia argyi / Jong Han Kim; Hae Kyung Kim; Sun Bok Jeon; Kwang Hee Son; E H Kim; S K Kang; N D Sung; Byoung-Mog Kwon , 2002
168 A new xanthene from Desmostachya bipinnata (L.) stapf inhibits signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) and low-density lipoprotein-oxidation / S Shrestha; J H Park; D Y Lee; J G Cho; E Cui; I S Chung; Byoung-Mog Kwon; M H Cho; Tae Sook Jeong; N I Baek , 2011
169 Novel 3-arylamino- and 3-cycloalkylamino-5, 6-diphenyl-pyridazines active as ACAT inhibitors / L Toma; M P Giovannoni; C Vergelli; V D Piaz; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Young Kook Kim; A Gelain; D Barlocco , 2002
170 A novel benzimidazole analogue inhibits the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1 pathway / Mi Sun Won; N Im; S Park; S K Boovanahalli; Y Jin; X Jin; Kyung Sook Chung; Kang Moo rim; Kiho Lee; Song Kyu Park; Hwan Mook Kim; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Jung Joon Lee; Kyeong Lee , 2009
171 A novel nortriterpene from Hedera rhombea / Kyung-Sook Kim; Young-Hee Choi; Ihn-Rhan Lee; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Seung Ho Lee , 1997
172 Obovatol attenuates microglia-mediated neuroinflammation by modulating redox regulation / J Ock; H S Han; S H Hong; S Y Lee; Young Min Han; Byoung-Mog Kwon; K Suk , 2010
173 Obovatol from Magnolia obovata inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal hyperplasia by inducing p21Cip1 / Y Lim; J S Kwon; D W Kim; S H Lee; R K Park; J J Lee; J T Hong; H S Yoo; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Y P Yun , 2010
174 Obovatol inhibits colorectal cancer growth by inhibiting tumor cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis / Su Kyung Lee; Hye Nan Kim; Yeong-Rim Kang; Chang Woo Lee; Hwan Mook Kim; Dong Cho Han; J Shin; K Bae; Byoung-Mog Kwon , 2008
175 Obovatol isolated from Magnolia obovata enhances pentobarbital-induced sleeping time: Possible involvement of GABA(A) receptors/chloride channel activation / H Ma; Y J Jo; Y Ma; J T Hong; Byoung-Mog Kwon; K W Oh , 2009
176 Obovatol improves cognitive functions in animal models for Alzheimer's disease / D Y Choi; J W Lee; J Peng; Y J Lee; J Y Han; Y H Lee; I S Choi; S B Han; J K Jung; W S Lee; S H Lee; Byoung-Mog Kwon; K W Oh; J T Hong , 2012
177 Obovatols, new chitin synthase 2 inhibitors of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Magnolia obovata / Eui Il Hwang; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Seoung Ho Lee; Na Rae kim; Tae Hoon Kang; Young Tae Kim; Byoung Keun Park; Sung Uk Kim , 2002
178 One-step synthesis of ortho-hydroxycinnamaldehyde / Jong Han Kim; Sangku Lee; M G Kwon; Y S Park; Sung Kyu Choi; Byoung-Mog Kwon , 2004
179 Phellinsin A, a novel chitin synthases inhibitor produced by Phellinus sp. PL3 / Eui Il Hwang; Bong Sik Yun; Young Kook Kim; Byoung Mog Kwon; Hong Gi Kim; Hyang Bok Lee; Won Jin Jeong; Sung Uk Kim , 2000
180 Phenylpropanoids from Myristica fragrans houtt / M C Song; E M Ahn; M H Bang; S Y Kim; Y D Rho; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Hyun Sun Lee; N I Baek , 2004


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