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41 Evaluation of nonleaky C.B-17 SCID mice by ELISA / Yang Kyu Choi; Jae Yoon Choi; Eui Hyun Kwon; Yong Joon Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Kyu Shik Jeong; Byung Hwa Hyun , 1996
42 Experimental infection of Korean Neospora caninum isolates in mice / Ji Seon Bae; Jae Hoon Kim; Kwon Hur; Ki Suk Kim; Woo Suk Hwang; Yang Kyu Choi; Byung Hwa Hyun; Dae Yong Kim , 2000
43 Expression of c-Jun in pancreatic islet α-cells of nonobese diabetic(NOD) mice / Sang Joon Park; Sae Bom Lee; Yang Kyu Choi; Chul Ho Lee; Byung Hwa Hyun; Keun Joa Lee; Si Yun Ryu; Sung Whan Cho; Jae Chan Song; Cha Soo Lee; Kyu Shik Jeong , 1998
44 Expression of transforming growth factor-β and morphologic changes of glomerulosclerosis in FGS/NgaKist Mouse / Hoon Kyu Oh; Yong Jin Kim; Mi Ok Park; Chul Ho Lee; Byung Hwa Hyun; In Soo Shu , 1998
45 Facilitation of apoptosis by autologous serum and related immunosuppression in the splenocyte culture / Hwan Mook Kim; Goo Taeg Oh; Dong Ho Hong; Byung Hwa Hyun; Young Nam Cha; Byung Bun Yoo; Sang Bae Han , 1996
46 Factors affecting the productivity of germ-line chimeras from J1 embryonic stem cells / Sun-Uk Kim; B S Koo; S Jeong; Tae Hoon Lee; S L Yu; Y I Nam; J L Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; H S Shin; Kyung Kwang Lee; B C Sang; Dae Yeul Yu , 2001
47 Fine mapping of the circling(cir) gene on the distal portion of mouse chromosome 9 / K I Cho; Jeong Woong Lee; K S Kim; E J Lee; J G Suh; H J Lee; H T Kim; S H Hong; W H Chung; Kyu Tae Chang; Byung Hwa Hyun; Y S Oh; Z Y Ryoo , 2003
48 Functional human hepatocytes : isolation from small liver biopsy samples and primary cultivation with liver-specific functions / Hwan Mook Kim; Sang Bae Han; Byung Hwa Hyun; Chang-Joon AHN; Young-Nam CHA; Kyu Shik Jeong; Goo Taeg Oh , 1995
49 The genetic monitoring of inbred strains of rat through biochemical approach / Yong Joon Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; Won Yong Kim; Goo Taeg Oh; Hwan Mook Kim; Jae Yoon Choi , 1990
50 Genetic monitoring of biochemical markers for the genetic assurance in laboratory animal strain maintenance / Byung Hwa Hyun; Yong Joon Kim; Hwan Mook Kim; Goo Taeg Oh; Won Yong Kim; Jae Yoon Choi , 1991
51 Genetic monitoring using biochemical and microsatellite marker of KCR rat / H J Park; Chul Ho Lee; D S Cha; J W Cho; K H Cho; Yang Kyu Choi; Byung Hwa Hyun; S S Han; C W Song , 2004
52 Genetic profiles of FGS/Kist mice followed by genetic monitoring / Chul Ho Lee; Won Kee Yoon; Yang Kyu Choi; Youn Yi Nam; Ki Hoon Lee; Young Gil Jeong; Moo Kang Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun , 1997
53 Glutamate and GABA concentrations in the cerebellum of novel ataxic mutant Pogo mice / K H Kim; J H Ha; S H Chung; C T Kim; S K Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; K Sawada; Y Fukui; I K Park; G J Lee; B K Kim; N S Lee; Y G Jeong , 2003
54 Growth and metastasis of human malignant melanoma SK-MEL-2 cell line in SCID mice / Yang Kyu Choi; Jae Yoon Choi; Hea Sung Jeon; Young Suk Won; Chul Ho Lee; Woon Kee Yoon; Kyu Shik Jeong; Sang Koo Lee; Byung Hwa Hyun , 1998
55 Helicobacter muricola sp. nov., a novel Helicobacter species isolated from the ceca and feces of Korean wild mouse (Mus musculus molossinus) / Young Suk Won; Jung Hoon Yoon; Chul Ho Lee; Bang Hyun Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Kyu Choi , 2002
56 Helicobacter callitrichis sp. nov., a novel Helicobacter species isolated from the feces of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) / Young Suk Won; P Vandamme; Jung-Hoon Yoon; Y H Park; Byung Hwa Hyun; Hyoung-Chin Kim; T Itoh; Y Tanioka; Y K Choi , 2007
57 Human endogenous retrovirus (HERV)-R family in primates: chromosomal location, gene expression, and evolution / H S Kim; J M Yi; H Hirai; J W Huh; M S Jeong; S B Jang; C G Kim; N Saitou; Byung Hwa Hyun; W H Lee , 2006
58 Human keratin 14 driven HPV 16 E6/E7 transgenic mice exhibit hyperkeratinosis / S H Kim; K S Kim; E J Lee; M O Kim; J H Park; K I Cho; K Imakawa; Byung Hwa Hyun; Kyu Tae Chang; H T Lee; Z Y Ryoo , 2004
59 Identification and Phylogeny of New Human Endogenous Retroviral Sequences Belonging to the HERV-H Family / Joo Mi Lee; Joo Young Choi; Jun Seop Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; Heui Soo Kim , 2000
60 Identification of Staphylococcus xylosus isolated from C57BL/6J-Nos2tm1Lau mice with dermatitis / Young Suk Won; H J Kwon; Goo Taeg Oh; Bang Hyun Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Y H Park; Byung Hwa Hyun; Yang Kyu Choi , 2002


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