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141 Novel and therapeutic effect of caffeic acid and caffeic acid phenyl ester on hepatocarcinoma cells: complete regression of hepatoma growth and metastasis by dual mechanism / T W Chung; S K Moon; Y C Chang; Jeong Heon Ko; Y C Lee; G Cho; S H Kim; J G Kim; C H Kim , 2004
142 A novel voxel-wise lesion segmentation technique on 3.0-T diffusion MRI of hyperacute focal cerebral ischemia at 1?h after permanent MCAO in rats / C H Choi; K S Yi; Sang-Rae Lee; Youngjeon Lee; Chang Yeop Jeon; J Hwnag; C Lee; S S Choi; H J Lee; S H Cha , 2018
143 Novosphingobium aquiterrae sp. nov., isolated from ground water / J C Lee; Song-Gun Kim; K S Whang , 2014
144 One-generation reproductive toxicity study of 2-methylbutane in Sprague-Dawley rats / W J Yu; M K Chung; Y H Chung; Hyoung-Chin Kim; S H Kim; I C Lee; J C Kim , 2011
145 One-pot synthesis of monodispersed silica nanoparticles for diarylethene-based reversible fluorescence photoswitching in living cells / Hye-Youn Jung; Suyeon You; C Lee; S You; Yoonkyung Kim , 2013
146 Orphan nuclear receptor DAX-1 acts as a novel corepressor of liver X receptor alpha and inhibits hepatic lipogenesis / B Nedumaran; G S Kim; S Hong; Y S Yoon; Yong Hoon Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Y C Lee; S H Koo; H S Choi , 2010
147 Overexpression of Jazf1 induces cardiac malformation through the upregulation of pro-apoptotic genes in mice / K B Bae; M O Kim; D H Yu; M J Shin; H J Kim; H S Yuh; Y R Ji; J Y Kim; J M Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; H C Lee; W K Chang; S B Park; D H Kim; H S Lee; Y S Choo; S Lee; Z Y Ryoo , 2011
148 PCR method based on the ogdH gene for the detection of Salmonella spp. from chicken meat samples / U H Jin; S H Cho; Min-Gon Kim; S D Ha; K S Kim; K H Lee; K Y Kim; D H Chung; Y C Lee; C H Kim , 2004
149 Plasma-treated flexible aminoclay-decorated electrospun nanofibers for neural stem cell self-renewal / Y C Lee; H U Lee; Minhyung Lee; Janghwan Kim; Y S Huh , 2016
150 Platycodin D inhibits osteoclastogenesis by repressing the NFATc1 and MAPK signaling pathway / J H Choi; Y Han; Y A Kim; S W Jin; G H Lee; H M Jeong; Hyun Sun Lee; Y C Chung; Y C Lee; E J Kim; K Y Lee; H G Jeong , 2017
151 Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against an avian influenza virus (H9N2) / Y H Lim; L V Phan; I P Mo; Bon Sang Koo; Y K Choi; S C Lee; S Y Kang , 2017
152 Progranulin attenuates liver fibrosis by downregulating the inflammatory response / Wonbeak Yoo; Jaemin Lee; Kyung Hee Noh; S Lee; Dana Jung; M H Kabir; Dongmin Park; C Lee; Ki-Sun Kwon; Ji-Su Kim; S Kim , 2019
153 Protective effects of Pycnogenol® on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in Sprague-Dawley rats / Y S Yang; T H Ahn; J C Lee; C J Moon; S H Kim; W Jun; S C Park; Hyoung-Chin Kim; J C Kim , 2008
154 Protective effects of diallyl disulfide on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity through activation of Nrf2 / I C Lee; S H Kim; H S Baek; C Moon; Y B Kim; Woon Kee Yoon; Hyoung-Chin Kim; J C Kim , 2015
155 Protective effects of pine bark extract on developmental toxicity of cyclophosphamide in rats / S H Kim; I C Lee; J H Lim; C Moon; C S Bae; D H Shin; S C Park; Hyoung-Chin Kim; J C Kim , 2012
156 Protective effects of pine bark extract on hexavalent chromium-induced dermatotoxicity in rats / I C Lee; S H Kim; I S Shin; C Moon; S H Park; S C Park; Hyoung-Chin Kim; J C Kim , 2012
157 A proteogenomic approach for protein-level evidence of genomic variants in cancer cells / J Yeom; M H Kabir; Byungho Lim; H S Ahn; Seon-Young Kim; C Lee , 2016  
158 Proteomic analysis of breast cancer tissue reveals upregulation of actin-modeling proteins and its relevance to cancer invasiveness / D H Kim; J Bae; J W Lee; Seon-Young Kim; Y H Kim; J Y Bae; J K Yi; M H Yu; D Y Noh; C Lee , 2009
159 Quantitative analysis of cell-free DNA in the plasma of gastric cancer patients / Jong Lyul Park; H J Kim; B Y Choi; H C Lee; H R Jang; K S Song; S M Noh; Seon-Young Kim; D S Han; Yong Sung Kim , 2012
160 Quantitative proteome analysis of age-related changes in mouse gastrocnemius muscle using mTRAQ / Chae Young Hwang; K Kim; Jeong Yi Choi; Young Jae Bahn; Seung Min Lee; Y K Kim; C Lee; Ki Sun Kwon , 2014


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