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121 Halomonas koreensis sp. nov., a novel moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a solar saltern in Korea / Jee Min Lim; Jung-Hoon Yoon; Jae-Chan Lee; C O Jeon; Dong Jin park; C Sung; Chang-Jin Kim , 2004
122 Halomonas taeanensis sp. nov., a novel moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a solar saltern in Korea / Jae-Chan Lee; C O Jeon; Jee Min Lim; Sang Mi Lee; Jung Min Lee; Sung Min Song; Dong Jin park; W J Li; Chang-Jin Kim , 2005
123 Halomonas kribbensis sp. nov., a novel moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a solar saltern in Korea / C O Jeon; Jee Min Lim; J R Lee; G S Lee; Dong Jin Park; Jae-Chan Lee; Hyun Woo Oh; Chang-Jin Kim , 2007
124 A herbicidal nucleoside compound isolated from Streptomyces tubercidicus ME-9189 / Won Gon Kim; Jong Pyung Kim; Chang Jin Kim; Ick Dong Yoo , 1996
125 Host specificities between soybean varieties and Rhizobium japonicum strains / Chang Jin Kim; Yoon Rhee; Sung-Hoon Kim; Ick Dong Yoo; Tae Ick Mheen , 1986
126 Hygromycin, a plant growth inhibitor / Shin-Duk Kim; Mi-Hyang Kweon; Chang Jin Kim; Ick Dong Yoo , 1990
127 Identification of Streptomyces sp. AMLK-335 producing antibiotic substance inhibitory to vancomycin-resistant enterococci / Ki Hyeong Rhee; Kyung Hee Choi; Chang Jin Kim; Chang Han Kim , 2001
128 Identification of Streptomyces scopuliridis KR-001 and its herbicidal characteristics / B Lee; J D Kim; Y S Kim; Y K Ko; G H Yon; Chang-Jin Kim; S J Koo; J S Choi , 2013
129 Identification of new geldanamycin derivatives from unexplored microbial culture extracts using a MS/MS library / Jae Kyoung Lee; Jae-Hyuk Jang; Dong Jin Park; Chang-Jin Kim; Jong Seog Ahn; B Y Hwang; Young-Soo Hong , 2017
130 Immunosuppressive characteristics of oligomycin derivatives produced by Streptomyces lydicus MCY-524 / Sang Yong Lee; Sang Bae Han; Hang Sub Kim; Young Ho Kim; Hwan Mook Kim; Chang Jin Kim; Soon-Duk Hong; Jung Joon Lee , 1997
131 Improved production of teicoplanin using adsorbent resin in fermentations / Jae-Chan Lee; Hae Ryong Park; Dong Jin park; Hyang Burm Lee; Y B Kim; Chang-Jin Kim , 2003
132 Indole-3-acetaldehyde from Rhodococcus sp. BFI 332 inhibits Escherichia coli O157:H7 biofilm formation / J H Lee; Y G Kim; Chang-Jin Kim; Jae-Chan Lee; M H Cho; J Lee , 2012
133 Influence of quercetin, a bioflavonoid, on the toxicity of copper to Fusarium culmorum / S H Park; C W Choi; K S Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1998
134 Inhibition of PTP1B by metabolites from Micromucor ramannianus var. amgulisporus CRM000232 / Hyuncheol Oh; Beom Seok Kim; Eun Young Bae; Min Soo Kim; Bo Yeon Kim; H B Lee; Chang-Jin Kim; Jong Seog Ahn , 2004
135 Inhibitory activity of diacylglycerol acyltransferase by cochlioquinone A and A1 / Hyagn Burm Lee; C H Lim; H J Kwon; Young Kook Kim; Hyun Sun Lee; Chang-Jin Kim , 2003
136 The inoculation effect of R. japonicum on the nodulation and nitrogen fixation activity in Glycine max with the different kinds of soil / Ick Dong Yoo; Chang Jin Kim; Sung Hoon Kim; Yoon Rhee; Tae Ick Mheen , 1986
137 In vivo screening for biocontrol agents(BCAs) against Streptomyces scabiei causing potato common scab / H B Lee; Jong Wun Cho; Dong Jin park; C T Li; Y H Ko; J H Song; J S Koh; B J Kim; Chang-Jin Kim , 2004
138 Isolation and microbiological characterization of Azospirillum from the rhizosphere fo Oryza sativa L. in Korea / Won Gon Kim; Hyun-Chang Seo; Jong Pyung Kim; Chang Jin Kim; Ke-Ho Lee; Ick Dong Yoo , 1994
139 Isolation of rare actinomycetes on various types of soil / Chang Jin Kim; Kang Hyun Lee; A Shimazu; Oh Sung Kwon; Dong Jin park , 1995
140 Isolation and biological properties of novel cell cycle inhibitors, HY558, isolated from Penicillium minioluteum F558 / Chul Hoon Lee; Hae Young Lim; Min Kyoung Kim; Youl Hee Cho; Deok Kun Oh; Chang Jin Kim; Young Ho Lim , 2002


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