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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
81 Effects of inoculation with selected Rhizobium japonicum on the yield, nodule formation and nitrogen fixing activity of soybean (Glycine max) / Ick Dong Yoo; Chang Jin Kim; Yoon Rhee; Seok-Dong Kim; Eun-Hi Hong , 1988
82 The effects of nitrogen sources on the expression of Nif gene in Klebsiella pneumoniae Nif-Lac fusants / Sung-Hoon Kim; Hyung-Jin Son; Chang Jin Kim; Tae Ick Mheen , 1985
83 Embellistatin, a microtubule polymerization inhibitor, inhibits angiogenesis both in vitro and in vivo / H J Jung; J S Shim; H B Lee; Chang-Jin Kim; T Kuwano; M Ono; H J Kwon , 2007
84 Establishment of some conditions for the development of legume inoculant / Chang Jin Kim; Yoon Rhee; Ick Dong Yoo , 1990
85 Evaluation of antimicrobial activities of domestic actinomycete strains / So Yeon Kim; Dong Jin park; Oh Sung Kwon; Chae Young Lim; Pan Kyung Kim; Sang-Wha Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 1996
86 Evaluation of plant-derived compounds as natural herbicidal agent / Hyang Burm Lee; Sang Moon Lee; H J Kwon; K S Hong; J S Kim; K Y Cho; Chang-Jin Kim , 2003
87 Evaluation of a fungal strain, Myrothecium roridum F0252, as a bioherbicide agent / H B Lee; J C Kim; K S Hong; Chang-Jin Kim , 2008
88 Extracellular protease in Actinomycetes culture supernatants inhibits and detaches Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation / J H Park; J H Lee; Chang-Jin Kim; Jae-Chan Lee; M H Cho; J Lee , 2012
89 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles via self-regulated reduction by 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate / S Choi; K S Kim; S H Yeon; J H Cha; H Lee; Chang-Jin Kim; Ick Dong Yoo , 2007
90 First report of strawberry fruit rot caused by Alternaria tenuissima in Korea / Hyang Burm Lee; Chang Jin Kim; S H Yu , 2001
91 First report of zonate leaf spot of Vigna vexillata var. tsusimensis caused by Cristulariella moricola / Hyang Burm Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 2002
92 First report of leaf spot of Paederia scandens caused by Pseudocercospora paederiae in Korea / H B Lee; S H Yu; Chang Jin Kim , 2002
93 First report of Colletotrichum destructivum on curly dock / Hyang Burm Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 2002
94 First report of bulb canker of garlic caused by Embellisia allii in Korea / Hyang Burm Lee; Chang Jin Kim; S H Yu , 2002
95 First report of zonate leaf spot of Cocculus trilobus caused by Cristulariella moricola in Korea / Hyang Burm Lee; Chang Jin Kim , 2002
96 First report of stem blight on Perilla (Perilla frutescens) caused by Corynespora cassiicola in Korea / H B Lee; Chang-Jin Kim; H Y Mun , 2009
97 Five novel species of the genus Nocardiopsis isolated from hypersaline soils and emended description of Nocardiopsis salina Li et al. 2004 / W J Li; R M Kroppenstedt; D Wang; S K Tang; Jae-Chan Lee; Dong Jin park; Chang-Jin Kim; L H Xu; C L Jiang , 2006
98 Flavihumibacter profundi sp. nov., isolated from eutrophic freshwater sediment / T T Ren; C Z Jin; F J Jin; T Li; Chang-Jin Kim; Hee-Mock Oh; Hyung Gwan Lee; L Jin , 2018
99 Flavimycins A and B, dimeric 1,3-dihydroisobenzofurans with peptide deformylase inhibitory activity from Aspergillus flavipes / Yun Ju Kwon; M J Sohn; Chang-Jin Kim; H Koshino; Won Gon Kim , 2012
100 Flavitalea flava sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from a soil sample, and emended description of the genus Flavitalea / M J Liu; C Z Jin; A Ersiman; Dong Jin Park; Chang-Jin Kim , 2019


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