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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
101 Rhizobacter profundi sp. nov., isolated from freshwater sediment / L Jin; So Ra Ko; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hyung Gwan Lee; Hee-Mock Oh , 2016
102 Screening of bioactive materials from freshwater microalgae / Wan-Seok Lee; Ae-Ran Choi; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hyuncheol Oh; Jong Seog Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2004
103 Screening of seventeen oak extracts for the growth inhibition of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa Kutz. em. Elenkin / M H Park; S J Hwang; Chi-Yong Ahn; B H Kim; Hee-Mock Oh , 2006
104 Selection of microalgae for lipid production under high levels carbon dioxide / Chan Yoo; So Young Jun; Jae Yon Lee; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2010
105 Selective control of cyanobacteria by surfactin-containing culture broth of Bacillus subtilis C1 / Chi-Yong Ahn; Seung Hyun Joung; Jong Woon Jeon; Hee Sik Kim; Byung Dae Yoon; Hee Mock Oh , 2003
106 Selective control of cyanobacteria in eutrophic pond by a combined device of ultrasonication and water pumps / Chi-Yong Ahn; S H Joung; A Choi; Hee-Sik Kim; K Y Jang; Hee-Mock Oh , 2007
107 The selective inhibitory activity of a fusaricidin derivative on a bloom-forming cyanobacterium, Microcystis sp. / So Ra Ko; Y K Lee; A Srivastava; Seung-Hwan Park; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2019
108 Serial degradation of perchloroethylene by Delftia sp. N6 after dechlorination using fenton's reagent / W S Lee; J E Kim; Hee-Sik Kim; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2006
109 Silanimonas algicola sp. nov., isolated from laboratory culture of a bloom-forming cyanobacterium, Microcystis / Chun Seong Jun; Y Cui; So Ra Ko; Hyung Gwan Lee; Hee-Mock Oh; Chi-Yong Ahn , 2017
110 Simple, rapid and cost-effective method for high quality nucleic acids extraction from different strains of Botryococcus braunii / Byung Hyuk Kim; R Ramanan; Dae Hyun Cho; G G Choi; Hyun Joon La; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh; Hee-Sik Kim , 2012  
111 Simple method for RNA preparation from cyanobacteria / Byung-Hyuk Kim; Hee-Mock Oh; Young Ki Lee; Gang Guk Choi; Chi-Yong Ahn; Byung Dae Yoon; Hee-Sik Kim , 2006
112 Simple method for a cell count of the colonial cyanobacterium, Microcystis sp. / Seung-Hyun Joung; Choong-Jae Kim; Chi-Yong Ahn; K Y Jang; S M Boo; Hee-Mock Oh , 2006
113 Sphingomonas daechungensis sp. nov., isolated from sediment of a eutrophic reservoir / H Huy; L Jin; Keun Chul Lee; Song-Gun Kim; Jung-Sook Lee; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2014
114 Status, alert system, and prediction of cyanobacterial bloom in South Korea / Ankita Srivastava; Chi-Yong Ahn; R K Asthana; Hyung Gwan Lee; Hee-Mock Oh , 2015  
115 Status, alert system and prediction of cyanobacterial bloom in South Korea / A Srivastava; Chi-Yong Ahn; R K Asthana; Hyung Gwan Lee; Hee-Mock Oh , 2014  
116 Taxonomic discrimination of cyanobacteria by metabolic fingerprinting using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectra and multivariate statistical analysis / Suk Weon Kim; S H Ban; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh; H Chung; S H Cho; Y M Park; Jang Ryol Liu , 2006
117 Technical and strategic approach for the control of cyanobacterial bloom in fresh waters / Chang Soo Lee; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hyun Joon La; S Lee; Hee-Mock Oh , 2013
118 Two-phase photoperiodic cultivation of algal-bacterial consortia for high biomass production and efficient nutrient removal from municipal wastewater / Chang Soo Lee; Hyung Seok Oh; Hee-Mock Oh; Hee-Sik Kim; Chi-Yong Ahn , 2016
119 Variovorax defluvii sp. nov., isolated from sewage / L Jin; Kwang Kyu Kim; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2012
120 The water depth-dependent co-occurrence patterns of marine bacteria in shallow and dynamic Southern Coast, Korea / Y Cui; Seong Jun Chun; S H Baek; M Lee; Y Kim; Hyung Gwan Lee; So Ra Ko; Seungwoo Hwang; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2019


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