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61 GDSL lipase-like 1 regulates systemic resistance associated with ethylene signaling in arabidopsis / S J Kwon; H C Jin; Soo-Hyun Lee; M H Nam; J H Chung; S I Kwon; Choong-Min Ryu; O K Park , 2009
62 Genome sequence of the leaf-colonizing bacterium Bacillus sp. strain 5B6, isolated from a cherry tree / B K Kim; J H Chung; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; Soon-Kyeong Kwon; C H Lee; J Y Song; Dong Su Yu; Choong-Min Ryu; Jihyun Kim , 2012
63 Genome sequence of the polymyxin-producing plant-probiotic rhizobacterium Paenibacillus polymyxa E681 / Jihyun Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; Soo Young Park; S B Kim; Y K Park; Soo Keun Choi; Choong-Min Ryu; Cheol-Goo Hur; S Y Ghim; Tae Kwang Oh; J J Kim; C S Park; Seung Hwan Park , 2010
64 Genome sequence and comparative genome analysis of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae type strain ATCC 19310 / Yong-Soon Park; Haeyoung Jeong; Young Mi Sim; H S Yi; Choong-Min Ryu , 2014
65 Genome sequence of the plant endophyte Bacillus pumilus INR7, triggering induced systemic resistance in field crops / Haeyoung Jeong; Soo Keun Choi; J W Koepper; Choong-Min Ryu , 2014  
66 Genome sequence of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GB03, an active ingredient of the first commercial biological control product / Soo Keun Choi; Jeong Haeyoung; J W Kloepper; Choong-Min Ryu , 2014  
67 Genome sequences of Pseudomonas amygdali pv. tabaci strain ATCC 11528 and pv. lachrymans strain 98A-744 / Haeyoung Jeong; J W Kloepper; Choong-Min Ryu , 2015  
68 Genome sequence of rhizobacterium Serratia marcescens strain 90-166, which triggers induced systemic resistance and plant growth promotion / Haeyoung Jeong; J W Kloepper; Choong-Min Ryu , 2015  
69 Genome-wide exploration of Escherichia coli genes to promote Chlorella vulgaris growth / Jina Heo; Sora Kim; Dae Hyun Cho; Geun Cheol Song; Hee-Sik Kim; Choong-Min Ryu , 2019
70 Getting to PTI of bacterial RNAs: Triggering plant innate immunity by extracellular RNAs from bacteria / Yong-Soon Park; B Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2016
71 Glycolate oxidase modulates reactive oxygen species-mediated signal transduction during nonhost resistance in Nicotiana benthamiana and Arabidopsis / C M Rojas; M Senthil-Kumar; K Wang; Choong-Min Ryu; A Kaundal; K S Mysore , 2012
72 How do we know that plants listen: Advancements and limitations of transcriptomic profiling for the identification of sound-specific biomarkers in tomato / Seon-Kyu Kim; M J Jeong; Choong-Min Ryu , 2018
73 Impact of a bacterial volatile 2,3-butanediol on Bacillus subtilis rhizosphere robustness / Hwe Su Yi; Yeo Rim Ahn; Geun Cheol Song; S Y Ghim; Soohyun Lee; Gahyung Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2016  
74 Implication of a pepper h-type thioredoxin in type I- and II-nonhost resistance to Xanthomonas axonopodis / S Y Yi; D Choi; Choong-Min Ryu , 2007
75 Improvement of biological control capacity of Paenibacillus polymyxa E681 by seed pelleting on sesame / Choong-Min Ryu; J Kim; O Choi; S H Kim; C S Park , 2006
76 Induced resistance by a long-chain bacterial volatile: elicitation of plant systemic defense by a C13 volatile produced by Paenibacillus polymyxa / Boyoung Lee; M A Farag; H B Park; J W Kloepper; Soo-Hyun Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2012  
77 Inheritance of seed and rhizosphere microbial communities through plant?soil feedback and soil memory / Hyun Gi Kong; Geun Cheol Song; Choong-Min Ryu , 2019
78 Inhibition of Primary Roots and Stimulation of Lateral Root Development in Arabidopsis thaliana by the Rhizobacterium Serratia arcescens 90-166 Is through Both Auxin-Dependent and -Independent Signaling Pathways / C L Shi; Hyo Bee Park; Jong Suk Lee; S Ryu; Choong-Min Ryu , 2010
79 Insect stings to change gear for healthy plant: Improving maize drought tolerance by whitefly infestation / Y S Park; Choong-Min Ryu , 2016
80 Insight into Types I and II nonhost resistance using expression patterns of defense-related genes in tobacco / Sang-Keun Oh; Sanghyeob Lee; Eunsook Chung; Jeong Mee Park; S H Yu; Choong-Min Ryu; Doil Choi , 2006


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