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61 Isolation, synthesis, and antisepsis effects of a C-methylcoumarinochromone isolated from Abronia nana cell culture / Wonhwa Lee; D Lee; Y Lee; T Lee; K S Song; E J Yang; J S Bae , 2018
62 Kaurane diterpenoids from Isodon excisus inhibit LPS-induced NF-κB activation and NO production in macrophage RAW264.7 cells / S S Hong; S A Lee; X H Han; H Z Jin; J H Lee; D Lee; Jung Joon Lee; J T Hong; Y Kim; J S Ro; B Y Hwang , 2007
63 Lanostane triterpenes isolated from Antrodia heteromorpha and their inhibitory effects on RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis / J Kwon; H Lee; Yeo Dae Yoon; B Y Hwang; Y Guo; Jong Soon Kang; J J Kim; D Lee , 2016
64 LC-MS-based chemotaxonomic classification of wild-type Lespedeza sp. and its correlation with genotype / Y M Kim; Joongku Lee; Sang Hong Park; Changyoung Lee; J W Lee; D Lee; N Kim; H Y Kim; C H Lee , 2012
65 A lipid-doluble ginseng extract inhibits human large cell lung cancer (NCI-H460) cells xenograft In vivo and the proliferation of cancer cells In vitro / E S Lee; Hwan Mook Kim; S D Lee; K S Lee; Song Kyu Park; Chang Woo Lee; Kiho Lee; Ki Hoon Lee; J Lee; W I Hwang; M J In; D C Kim , 2010
66 Lipid-soluble ginseng extract induces apoptosis and G0/G1 cell cycle arrest in NCI-H460 human lung cancer cells / M R Kang; H M Kim; Jong Soon Kang; K Lee; S D Lee; D H Hyun; M J In; S K Park; D C Kim , 2011
67 A lipid-soluble red ginseng extract inhibits the growth of human lung tumor xenografts in nude mice / S D Lee; Song Kyu Park; E S Lee; Hwan Mook Kim; Chang Woo Lee; Kiho Lee; Ki Hoon Lee; Moorim Kang; K S Lee; J Lee; W I Hwang; D C Kim , 2010
68 Long-term variations of chemical properties in controlled horticultural soils of Gyeongnam province / Y H Lee; S T Lee; K P Hong; S D Lee; J H Kim; Y S Ok; M K Kim; Hyeran Kim , 2013
69 Loss of tumor suppressor IGFBP4 drives epigenetic reprogramming in hepatic carcinogenesis / Y Y Lee; M T S Mok; W Kang; W Yang; W Tang; F Wu; L Xu; M Yan; Z Yu; S D Lee; J H M Tong; Y S Cheung; P B S Lai; Dae Yeul Yu; Q Wang; G L H Wong; A M Chan; K Y Yip; K F To; A S L Cheng , 2018
70 A missense mutation in EBF2 was segregated with imperforate anus in a family across three generations / S Y Kim; H S Ko; Namshin Kim; S H Yim; S H Jung; J Kim; M D Lee; Y J Chung , 2018
71 MRTF potentiates TEAD-YAP transcriptional activity causing metastasis / T Kim; D Hwang; D Lee; Jeong Hwan Kim; Seon-Young Kim; D S Lim , 2012
72 Mutasynthesis of geldanamycin by the disruption of a gene producing starter unit: generation of structural diversity at the benzoquinone ring / Won Cheol Kim; Jong Suk Lee; D Lee; X F Cai; J C Shin; Kyeong Lee; C H Lee; S Ryu; S G Paik; Jung Joon Lee; Young-Soo Hong , 2007
73 Nano-Fenton reactors as a new class of oxidative stress amplifying anticancer therapeutic agents / B Kwon; E Han; W Yang; W Cho; W Yoo; J Hwang; Byoung-Mog Kwon; D Lee , 2016
74 Nanoparticle-based energy transfer for rapid and simple detection of protein glycosylation / E Oh; D Lee; Y P Kim; Seung Youp Cha; Doo-Byoung Oh; Hyun Ah Kang; J Kim; H S Kim , 2006
75 Neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Scutellaria barbata and their inhibitory effects on LPS-induced nitric oxide production / E T Yeon; J W Lee; C Lee; Q Jin; H Jang; D Lee; Jong Seog Ahn; J T Hong; Y Kim; M K Lee; B Y Hwang , 2015
76 Neuronal differentiation of P19 cells / S Kim; Sun-Uk Kim; Chul Sang Lee; Y D Lee; H Y Suh-Kim , 2001
77 A new imidazolium cavitand for the recognition of dicarboxylates / S K Kim; B G Kang; H S Koh; Y J Yoon; Sang Jeon Chung; B Jeong; K D Lee; J Yoon , 2004
78 New non-quinone geldanamycin analogs from genetically engineered Streptomyces hygroscopicus / C Z Wu; A N Moon; JaeHyuik Jang; D Lee; Sun-Young Kang; J T Park; Jong Seog Ahn; B Y Hwang; Y H Kim; H S Lee; Young-Soo Hong , 2011
79 New sesquiterpene dimers from Inula britannica inhibit NF-κB activation and NO and TNF-α production in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells / H Z Jin; D Lee; Jeong-Hyung Lee; Kyeong Lee; Young-Soo Hong; Dong-Ho Choung; Y H Kim; Jung Joon Lee , 2006
80 New tricyclic geldanamycin analogues from an engineered strain of Streptomyces hygroscopicus JCM4427 / S S Hong; X F Cai; B Y Hwang; H S Lee; B N Su; Young-Soo Hong; D Lee , 2010


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