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21 Cloning and characterization of the cDNA encoding the masquerade-like serine proteinase homologue gene of the silkworm, Bombyx mori / Doo Sang Park; Ho Yong Park , 2002
22 Comparative insect faunas between Ganghwado and six others islands of west coastal in Incheon, Korea / S J Park; H Kwon; S K Park; D S Kim; Doo-Sang Park , 2013
23 Complete genome of Pseudoalteromonas phenolica KCTC 12086T ( / Hanna Choe; Sang-Heon Lee; Song-Gun Kim; Doo-Sang Park; A Nasir; Kyung Mo Kim , 2016
24 Complete genome of Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ( / Sang-Heon Lee; Hanna Choe; Kyung Sook Bae; Doo-Sang Park; A Nasir; Kyung Mo Kim , 2016
25 Complete genome of brown algal polysaccharides-degrading Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii KCTC 12958T ( / Sang-Heon Lee; Hanna Choe; Song-Gun Kim; Doo-Sang Park; A Nasir; B K Kim; Kyung Mo Kim , 2016
26 Complete genome of biodegradable plastics-decomposing Roseateles depolymerans KCTC 42856T ( / Sang-Heon Lee; Hanna Choe; Song-Gun Kim; Doo-Sang Park; A Nasir; B K Kim; Kyung Mo Kim , 2016
27 Complete genome sequence of nitrilotriacetate-degrading Aminobacter aminovorans KCTC 2477T / Sang-Heon Lee; Hanna Choe; A Nasir; Doo-Sang Park; Kyung Mo Kim , 2016  
28 Conifer diterpene resin acids disrupt juvenile hormone-mediated endocrine regulation in the Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella / Hyun Woo Oh; Chan Seok Yun; Jun Hyoung Jeon; Ji Ae Kim; Doo-Sang Park; Hyung Won Ryu; Sei-Ryang Oh; H H Song; Y Shin; C S Jung; Sang Woon Shin , 2017
29 A culture-based study of the bacterial communities within the guts of nine longicorn beetle species and their exo-enzyme producing properties for degrading xylan and pectin / Doo Sang Park; Hyun Woo Oh; Won Jin Jeong; Hyangmi Kim; Ho Yong Park; Kyung Sook Bae , 2007
30 DNA barcodes for two scale insect families, mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) and armored scales (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) / Doo Sang Park; S J Suh; P D N Hebert; Hyun Woo Oh; K J Hong , 2011
31 Draft genome sequence of the novel enteric bacterium Galloisinimonas intestini B14T KCTC 32180, isolated from the gut of a Galloisiana species (notoptera: Grylloblattidae) fossil insect / Doo Sang Park; Kyung Sook Bae; Hyang-Mi Kim; Kee Sun Shin; Sang-Haeng Choi; Dae Soo Kim; B W Kim; Hyun Woo Oh , 2012
32 Erysipelothrix larvae sp. nov., isolated from the larval gut of the rhinoceros beetle, Trypoxylus dichotomus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) / B H Bang; Moon Soo Rhee; Dong Ho Chang; Doo-Sang Park; Byoung Chan Kim , 2015
33 Establishment of a transgenic zebrafish EF1α:Kaede for monitoring cell proliferation during regeneration / H Y Moon; O H Kim; H T Kim; J H Choi; S Y Yeo; Nam-Soon Kim; Doo-Sang Park; Hyun Woo Oh; K H You; M D Zoysa; C H Kim , 2013
34 Estimated density of four carabid beetle species in Mongolian oak and Korean red pine forest ecosystems on Baekdudaegan mountain range (Mt. Oade and Mt. Guryong) of South Korea / D S Kim; J L Kim; S J Park; J Kim; J Sung; J Nam; Doo-Sang Park; T H Kim; S J Jin; H Yi , 2015
35 Genomic structure of the immune-related serpin gene in the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea / Doo Sang Park; Sang Woon Shin; Jong Guk Kim; Ho Yong Park , 2001
36 Gryllotalpicola gen. nov., with descriptions of Gryllotalpicola koreensis sp. nov., Gryllotalpicola daejeonensis sp. nov. and Gryllotalpicola kribbensis sp. nov. from the gut of the African mole cricket, Gryllotalpa africana, and reclassification of Curto / Hyangmi Kim; Doo Sang Park; Hyun Woo Oh; Kang Hyun Lee; Dong-Ho Choung; Ho Yong Park; H M Park; Kyung Sook Bae , 2012
37 Habitat distributional change of the large copper, Lycaena dispar (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), on the Korean peninsula: Studies along the Geum river / S J Park; Doo-Sang Park; N R Kim; D S Kim , 2014
38 Habitat restoration initiative for endangered species Parnassius bremeri (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Korea / D S Kim; S J Park; Y K Shin; Doo Sang Park , 2011
39 Halocynthiibacter namhaensis gen. nov., sp nov., a novel alphaproteobacterium isolated from sea squirt Halocynthia roretzi / Y O Kim; S Park; Hyang Mi Kim; Doo-Sang Park; B H Nam; D G Kim; J H Yoon , 2014
40 Herbiconiux moechotypicola sp. nov., a xylanolytic bacterium isolated from the gut of hairy long-horned toad beetles, Moechotypa diphysis (Pascoe) / Byeong Chun Kim; Doo Sang Park; Hyangmi Kim; Hyun Woo Oh; Kang Hyun Lee; Kee Sun Shin; Kyung Sook Bae , 2012


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