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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
61 Lutibacter crassostreae sp. Nov., isolated from oyster / S Park; J M Park; S M Won; Doo-Sang Park; J H Yoon , 2015
62 Metapopulation structure and movement of a threatened butterfly Parnassius bremeri (lepidoptera: papilionidae) in Korea / D S Kim; Doo Sang Park; Y J Kwon; S J Suh; C H Kim; S J Park; D H Kim; J S Kim; H M Yu; J S Hwang , 2011
63 Molecular identification of mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) found on Korean pears / Doo Sang Park; Y J Leem; K W Hahn; S J Suh; K J Hong; Hyun Woo Oh , 2010
64 Molecular identification of Reesa vespulae (Milliron) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae), a newly recorded species from Korea / K J Hong; M Kim; Doo-Sang Park , 2014
65 Novel GH10 xylanase, with a fibronectin type 3 domain, from Cellulosimicrobium sp. strain HY-13, a bacterium in the gut of Eisenia fetida / Do Young Kim; Mi Kyung Han; Doo Sang Park; Jong Suk Lee; Hyun Woo Oh; D H Shin; Tae Sook Jeong; Sung Uk Kim; Kyung Sook Bae; Kwang Hee Son; Ho Yong Park , 2009
66 Nursing effects of thiols including cysteine in lymph node stromal cells and P388 cells / Jin Yeul Ma; Kap Joo Park; Hyun Min Kang; Tae Kyu Park; Doo Sang Park; Sang-Han Lee , 2001
67 Overexpression of sweetpotato swpa4 peroxidase results in increased hydrogen peroxide production and enhances stress tolerance in tobacco / Yun Hee Kim; Cha Young Kim; W K Song; Doo Sang Park; Suk Yoon Kwon; Haeng Soon Lee; J W Bang; Sang Soo Kwak , 2008
68 Paenibacillus camelliae sp. nov., isolated from fermented leaves of Camellia sinensis / Hyun Woo Oh; B C Kim; Kang Hyun Lee; Do Young Kim; Doo Sang Park; H M Park; Kyung Sook Bae , 2008
69 Paenibacillus pueri sp. nov., isolated from Pu'er tea / Byung Chun Kim; W J Jeong; Do Young Kim; Hyun Woo Oh; Hyangmi Kim; Doo Sang Park; H M Park; Kyung Sook Bae , 2009
70 Paenibacillus pectinilyticus sp. nov., isolated from the gut of Diestrammena apicalis / Doo Sang Park; W J Jeong; Kang Hyun Lee; Hyun Woo Oh; Byeong Cheon Kim; Kyung Sook Bae; Ho Yong Park , 2009
71 Paracoccus aestuariivivens sp. nov., isolated from a tidal flat / S Park; S Y Yoon; Y T Jung; S M Won; Doo-Sang Park; J H Yoon , 2016
72 Pedobacter luteus sp. nov., isolated from soil / Hyun Woo Oh; Byung Chun Kim; Doo Sang Park; W J Jeong; Hyang-Mi Kim; Kang Hyun Lee; Sung Uk Kim , 2013
73 A P element-induced expression and analysis of α-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase(αGPDH) transformants in Drosophila melanogaster / Hae Jin Chung; X M Zhe; P M Zi; Bo Na Han; Doo Sang Park; Jangryul Kwak; Ho Yong Park , 2003
74 Peroxiredoxin II is essential for preventing hemolytic anemia from oxidative stress through maintaining hemoglobin stability / Y H Han; Sun-Uk Kim; Taeho Kwon; D S Lee; H L Ha; Doo Sang Park; Eui-jeon Woo; S H Lee; J M Kim; H B Chae; S Y Lee; Bo Yeon Kim; D Y Yoon; S G Rhee; E Fibach; Dae Yeul Yu , 2012
75 Phaeobacter aquaemixtae sp. nov., isolated from the junction between the ocean and a freshwater spring / S Park; Doo-Sang Park; Kyung Sook Bae; J H Yoon , 2014
76 Phycicoccus ochangensis sp. nov., isolated from soil of a potato cultivation field / Hyang-Mi Kim; Hyun Woo Oh; Doo Sang Park; Kang Hyun Lee; Sung Uk Kim; H M Park; Kyung Sook Bae , 2012
77 A plant diterpene counteracts juvenile hormone-mediated gene regulation during Drosophila melanogaster larval development / Sang Woon Shin; Jun Hyoung Jeon; Seon Ah Jeong; Ji Ae Kim; Doo-Sang Park; Y Shin; Hyun Woo Oh , 2018
78 Polaribacter sejongensis sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic soil, and emended descriptions of the genus Polaribacter, Polaribacter butkevichii and Polaribacter irgensii / Byung Chun Kim; Hyun Woo Oh; Hyangmi Kim; Doo-Sang Park; S G Hong; H K Lee; Kyung Sook Bae , 2013
79 Protein purification and nucleotide sequence of a lysozyme from the bacteria-induced larvae of the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea / Ho Yong Park; Soon Sik Park; Sang Woon Shin; Doo Sang Park; Mi Gwang Kim; Hyun Woo Oh; Chang Kyeong Joo , 1997
80 Protein purification and cDNA cloning of a cecropin-like peptide from the larvae of fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea) / Soon Sik Park; Sang Woon Shin; Doo Sang Park; Hyun Woo Oh; Kyung Saeng Boo; Ho Yong Park , 1997


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