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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
201 Inhibitory activity of monoamine oxidase by coumarins from Peucedanum japonicum / Dang Thi Lan Huong; Hee Cheol Choi; Tae Cheol Rho; Hyun Sun Lee; Myung Koo Lee; Young Ho Kim , 1999
202 Inhibitory constituents against HIV-1 protease from Agastache rugosa / Byung Sun Min; Masao Hattori; Hyeong Kyu Lee; Young Ho Kim , 1999
203 Interaction of mastoparan B and its ala-substituted analogs with phospholipid bilayers / Nam Gyu Park; Jung-Kil Seo; Hee-Jung Ku; Seung Ho Kim; Sannamu Lee; Gohsuke Sugihara; Kwang-Ho Kim; Jang-Su Park; Shin-Won Kang , 1997
204 Intracellular and Extracellular Forms of Alkaline Pullulanase from an Alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. S-1 / Moon Joo Lee; Young Choon Lee; Cheorl Ho Kim , 1997
205 Intragenic suppressors for export-defective signal sequence mutation of ribose-binding protein in escherichia coli / Young Hee Lee; Taek Sun Song; Jeong Ho Kim; Soon Hee Park; Chan Kyu Park , 1991
206 Investigation of Korean plant extracts for potential phytotherapeutic agents against B-virus hepatitis / Tae-Ho Jung; J. C. Kim; M.K. Kim; S. C. Choi; S. L. Kim; J. M. Chung; I. S. Lee; Seung Ho Kim; Kyung Soo Hahm; I. P. Lee , 1995
207 In vitro effects of water extracts of 151 herbs on hepatitis B virus / Tai Ho Chung; Jung Chul Kim; Moon kyu Kim; In Seon Lee; Shung Chull Chae; Sung Lae Kim; Joon Mo Chung; In Soo Lee; Seung Ho Kim; Kyung Soo Hahm , 1992
208 Iridoid compounds from boschniakia rossica / Zong Zhu Yin; Hang Sub Kim; Young Ho Kim; Jung Joon Lee , 1999
209 Irradiation of breast cancer cells enhances CXCL16 ligand expression and induces the migration of natural killer cells expressing the CXCR6 receptor / M S Yoon; C Pham; M AT Phan; D J Shin; Y Y Jang; M H Park; S K Kim; Seok Ho Kim; D Cho , 2016
210 Isobutanol and 2-ketoisovalerate production by Klebsiella pneumoniae via a native pathway / J Gu; J Zhou; Z Zhang; Chul Ho Kim; B Jiang; J Shi; J Hao , 2017
211 Isolation of antioxidant compound from therapeutic agent for hepatitis B viral infection / Seung Ho Kim; Hyeon-Jeoung Yeom; Hwan Mook Kim; Hyun Sun Lee; Kyung Soo Hahm , 1992
212 Isolation and identification of antioxidant from oriental therapeutic drug for hepatitis B / Seung Ho Kim; Jong-Woo Lee; Kyung Soo Hahm , 1993
213 Isolation of modulators for multidrug resistance from the fruits of Evodia officinalis / Sung Woo Lee; Bang Yeon Hwang; Se Eun Kim; Hwan Mook Kim; Young Ho Kim; Kyong Soon Lee; Jung Joon Lee; Jai-Seup Ro , 1995
214 Isolation of Bacillus strains secreting fibrinolytic enzymes from Doen-Jang / Seung Ho Kim; Nack Shick Choi; Woo Yiel Lee; Jong Woo Lee; Dong Ho Kim , 1998
215 Isolation of fibrinolytic enzyme producing strains from kimchi / Kyoung A Noh; Dong Ho Kim; Nack Shick Choi; Seung Ho Kim , 1999
216 Isolation and characterization of a novel membrane-bound cytochrome c553 from the strictly anaerobic phototroph, Heliobacillus mobilis / Woo-Yiel Lee; R E Blankenship; Seung Ho Kim , 1997
217 Isolation and characterization of export-defective signal sequence mutation, rbsB(-14)AE, of ribose-binding protein in Escherichia coli / Young Hee Lee; Soon Hee Park; Jeong Ho Kim; Chan Kyu Park , 1993
218 Isolation and structural determination of anti-Helicobacter pylori compound from fungus 60686 / June Namgoong; Seung Woo Yeon; Nam Soo Paek; Tae Han Kim; Young Ho Kim; Chang Jin Kim; Kee Won Kim , 1998
219 Isolation and characterization of the eicosapentaenoic acid biosynthesis gene cluster from Shewanella sp. BR-2 / P S Seo; Chul Ho Kim; Oh Suk Kwon; B K Hur; Jeong Woo Seo , 2009
220 Kahweol induces apoptosis by suppressing BTF3 expression through the ERK signaling pathway in non-small cell lung cancer cells / Y J Jeon; W Bang; J H Cho; R H Lee; Seok Ho Kim; M S Kim; S M Park; J C Shin; H J Chung; K B Oh; J M Seo; S Ko; J H Shim; J I Chae , 2016


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